Crafting our pampeano polo belts

Our Argentine craftsmen travel to the local tanneries to personally select the finest vegetable tanned leather for our polo belts. The raw leather is put into drums with vegetable products to dye and soften it, which is also what gives the leather that beautiful aroma we all know and love.


The leather is then cut into butts, large pieces where our craftsmen check for imperfections. Once the carefully selected leather sheets have been purchased they are all transported back to our headquarters in Buenos Aires and cut into 3.5cm strips. The edges of the strips are sheared and coloured by hand then cut to length, before stamping the iconic pampa patterns, inspired by the peaks and silhouettes of the Andes Mountains, across the body of the belt. The size numbers are pressed into the back and the antique brass coloured buckle fitted.






It is then our expert artisans who intricately hand stitch and weave each one using the most vibrant, high density waxed saddlery threads, taking four to five hours to complete. The quality of the thread is as important as the quality of the leather, and it is for this that we are best known. Exquisite leather, perfect thread and skilled craftsmen all combine to give our polo belts the reputation that they deserve.





Watch the video below to experience the true craftsmanship of Argentina for yourself. The making of ourpampeano polo belts.