Celebrating 15 Years of pampeano

On August 1st, pampeano celebrated its 15 Year Anniversary and we wanted to look back in time and revisit what has made pampeano into the popular accessories brand so well known for its premium quality Argentine leather goods.
 bag and purse
Established in 2008, pampeano has grown from being a brand known exclusively in the UK for producing Argentine-inspired polo equipment and leather belts to being a brand which sells worldwide, has an extensive collection of premium leather goods, and specialises in making bespoke membership belts for external organisations which can be made in their specific colours and include their insignia.
 belt with scarf
Several moves over the years to larger office and warehouse spaces meant that in 2020 we relocated to North Oxford, where we are today. Not only that, but another warehouse in Rotterdam, Netherlands opened in spring of 2023 to enable improved connections to our EU stockists and expand further into Europe.
What we are well-known for today are our signature leather pampeano belts in varying designs over the years - of which we currently stock over 50 different styles in a range of 4 different leather colours! Our team were interested to see which pampeano belt design has been the most popular year on year so dived into the pampeano archives and found in top spot is our ‘Multi’ belt with its 5 iconic colours!
 belt hanging on chair
We look forward to celebrating this milestone with our wonderful customers by announcing our release of an exclusive anniversary pampeano belt for this special occasion!
 horses grazing