Brighten up your Style

Colour is a vital part of any wardrobe; and while it can be difficult to get the right colour combination, the results are well worth the effort. The right coloured accessory can turn a so-so outfit into the highlight of your wardrobe. This guide will help you to choose the right accessory with the right coloured clothing to coordinate your outfits to their maximum potential. 

First up, before we begin with the specifics, we have to grasp the basics; colour theory. This sounds complicated but it's actually very simple, and you're probably already familiar with the key concepts behind it; it works with the principle of the colour wheel. The colour wheel is comprised of a circle divided into twelve sections - three primary, three secondary, and six tertiary colours. Colours which sit opposite from each other are called complimentary colours, meaning that they are the most contrasting colours on the wheel. For example, purple will pop most against yellow. This can be used to great effect when putting together an outfit, if you really want to stand out.

For example, our Audaz polo belt uses this principle, matching complimentary colours orange and blue to make a stunning Aztec-inspired design, echoing the breathtaking sunsets over the estancias of South America. This means that the Audaz would look great on a blue or orange themed outfit. We offer a dog and owner package for the Audaz, including the polo belt, lead and collar all in a coordinating design, giving a stylistic cohesion to your dog walks. 

To theme an outfit to a season, colour theory can also be used. The colour wheel can be split into "warm colours" (Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow) and "cold colours" (Green, Cyan, Blue). For example, in the winter months, a cool palette for an outfit could go well with the season; conversely, warm colours are very popular in the autumn time to give the idea of cosiness and comfort.

For example, our Estilo crossbody bags come in a choice of colour combinations; one of which is sumptuous Havana brown leather with orange and fuschia stitching; all warm colours. This would go well with the orange falling leaves and evenings by the fire of the autumn season. These are available in a gift package with an Exito bifold purse, in the same colour scheme. 

White, black and grey are all fairly neutral colours, meaning that most colours go with them. It's great to use a light colour against black, and dark colours against white to really stand out.

Our Cincha polo belt is a great example of this; pairing light blue with white, with the cool blue creating an overall cold aesthetic. This would look fitting against the frosty mornings of January, or the fresh April showers of springtime. This belt can be paired with an overall blue themed outfit, blending in, or with an orange outfit to really stand out. 

It's also great to add colour to your technology - so often the plain black or white of laptops and phones lack excitement. We suggest the brown leather Folio laptop case - it will make your commute to work much more vibrant.

Our Multi polo belt is a great choice, with its 5 bold colours making it a versatile accessory. With sections of navy, green, cream, light blue and red, it can go with almost any outfit at any time of year, with at least one part of the belt likely aligning with the overall look. 

When going on holiday, it's so easy for a plain suitcase to get lost on the carousel; adding some colour is the perfect way to distinguish your suitcase from the crowd. Our Sello luggage tags make a dull plain suitcase pop - we suggest the brown leather with vibrant blue stitching. There are other ways to make your journey more colourful - consider our Pase travel card holder; specifically the navy leather and with pink stitching. This gorgeous combination will keep your boarding pass safe in style. 

The important thing is to experiment with colours with your own individual style, trying out which colour combinations suit you. The most important thing is to have fun!