Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

It's the end of November and that can only mean one thing: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These traditions started off in the US relating to Thanksgiving, but these days of deals have gone international, and we couldn't be happier. There's nothing better than snagging a bargain, at a perfect time for Christmas shopping. 

Here at pampeano, we have some exclusive bundles that you can't find anywhere else, which are available for you right here on our website this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, so you can get some Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or even just an update for your own wardrobe. 

We are famous all over the world for our iconic signature premium polo-inspired pampeano belts: intricately hand stitched patterned belts hand made in Argentina using traditional techniques and high quality materials. So naturally, it's these belts that most people look for when visiting our website. But what's better than one pampeano belt? Two, of course! Our first exclusive bundle is a choice of any two belts, for less than the price of two separately. Financially, it's a no-brainer, and it makes the perfect joint gift for a couple, or just two for yourself! If you're getting two belts for two people, consider choosing the same design for some twinning, or maybe choose the designs you think best represents their style or personality. The possibilities are endless!

two belts
The next bundle we have to show off this Black Friday is for those dog owners out there. We know dogs are man's best friend, and it's no doubt that many people treat their dogs better than their human besties! That's why this bundle of a choice of any belt, collar and lead is the perfect gift set for anyone with a pampered pooch. We would recommend getting each piece in the same style, for those coordinated canine capers. Not only do all of our belts bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters embossed onto the belt loop, but our dog leads can have a personalisation too, so owner and dog will feel extra special.
dog collar and matching belt
Sometimes you want to go the extra mile for a friend or loved one - that's where this bundle comes in. It's a choice of any polo belt and bracelet. Our bracelets are a new addition to our collection for 2023, and they are similar in style to our polo belts, and combining the two can create a really cohesive look. This bundle is great for people who are super into crafting each outfit with ultimate precision. Getting a bracelet as well as a pampeano belt shows you really care, and makes a really thoughtful gift.

matching belt and bracelet
There is an age old question of what to get someone who has everything - luckily for you, pampeano has the answer. What are two things that every person uses almost every day? A belt and a wallet. And wouldn't it be fantastic if they could come together in an exclusive bundle? Well you're in luck: our last suggestion is the belt and wallet, or belt and purse bundle. People rarely buy new wallets for themselves, so gifting anyone a wallet as well as a belt will make them feel really chuffed.

We have only scratched the surface of the bundles we have available on our website, so do browse the gift collection for more unique, money saving bundles this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We hope you have been inspired to upgrade your wardrobe, or sort out your Christmas list with us at pampeano.