Best colours to wear during Summer

Most people have a Summer wardrobe, usually filled with light and bright colours to reflect the bright, warm season - but every year’s different, and it’s always nice to have a refreshed wardrobe with all new outfits for a new year, to take on all the excitement and adventure this Summer brings. Here at pampeano we have researched the new trends for this season, as well as used colour theory and traditional Summer motifs to bring together four of the best colour combinations for this Summer.

  • First of all, this season is all about the bright pink and fuschia combination. From linen shirts to striking pant suits to vibrant Villanelle style dresses, this colour combination is everywhere this season. The paparazzi have been loving on-set shots of the hot pinks of the new Barbie movie, and Marty McFly would be proud, going back to the fuschia. If you want to get involved with this killer combo, take a look at our Rosa polo belt. This exhibits the pink and fuschia combines with navy and rich Havana brown of the leather - allow the Rosa to add a pop of the latest trend to any outfit. We recommend pairing it with a shirt and chinos for a casual Summer barbeque, or a maxi dress and wide brimmed hat for cocktails on the beach. Pink has never been more unisex, so get yourself the Rosa, whoever you are!

  • Next up, we have hot orange. Designers Proenza Schouler, Collina Strada and Christian Siriano all displayed orange monochrome outfits at their Spring/Summer runway shows this year, and Dior’s red hot skirt was the talk of the business. Since then, red hot orange has been more popular than ever. Evoking the rich warmth of an August sunset, no wonder it’s been sweeping the world this Summer. Get in on the action with our luxury leather Audaz polo belt. Hot orange is the star of the Audaz, supported by deep navy and framed by rich brown. This is the perfect belt to add to a simple business suit to inject a pop of colour and get your colleagues talking at the Summer work events, or accessorising a long cardigan on those cooler Summer nights towards the end of August. Being a traditionally Autumnal colour the Audaz will see you into the cooler months too, and we don’t see orange going anywhere next year either.

  • Our last two colours of the Summer are a doozy - yellow and lime green. Although yellow was last year’s Pantone colour of the year, it’s kept rolling into this year, with designers like Jason Wu bringing some stunning yellow pieces onto the runway. And let’s be frank - yellow in the Summer is never going out of style - mother nature has the right idea with the dandelions and buttercups! Lime green however, usually a more niche colour, is all the rage this year, after last year’s sage green explosion. Here at pampeano we have brought the two together with a joyful feast of coulour with the Igualdad, one of our most popular new polo belts. We love this belt with jean shorts and a tee while exploring a new city, or with some light chinos and a polo shirt while on a day trip with the kids. Paired with red, blue and purple, this luxury polo belt is inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face: the rainbow. What’s not to love?