Bespoke dog collars and leads

Here at pampeano we pride ourselves on the personal touch. From our embossed lettering which adorns all of our premium polo-inspired pampeano belts; to our immersive 3D online belt design studio; to our direct to client bespoke services which sees us working with sports teams, businesses, schools, and more to create new leather products just for them. We love working with people to make their dreams come true. But what many people don't know is that we also offer bespoke dog collars and leads.
 dog wearing a collar
All of our dog collars and leads are made in the exact same way - with the same love, care, and skill - as our genuine Argentine pampeano belts. The butter-soft vegetable tanned leather is the same, the painstaking hand stitching is done by the same local Artisans, and it is packaged up in the exact same loving fashion, so you know your dog lead or collar is of the same premium quality as our pampeano belts for which we are known world over. So, it was a no-brainer, given that we provide bespoke belt design services, that we offer the same bespoke service for our dog accessories. 
It works by getting in touch with us with your idea via email, and we work with you to create your vision. We will discuss timings, quantities, and designs before moving forward with spec sheets before delivering the finished product. For pampeano, no job is too big or too small; this would be great for a dog walking club, dog agility team, or, as we recently created, a special set for a client's wedding, made with white leather and white stitching. The only limit is your imagination.
 dog collar on wooden box
If you're interested in creating your own bespoke dog collar or lead, get in touch now by emailing and we can begin the process of designing your new premium leather dog accessory.