Be inspired by the mystery of a South American paradise


Between the Colorado and Barracas rivers and the southernmost tip of the continent of South America lies Patagonia, one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, famously rich in flora and fauna, with an intriguing history to boot.


This is the Cueva de las Manos, which is a series of caves found in Santa Cruz, Argentina. The stunningly preserved hand prints were rendered using a technique of blowing paint, by Patagonian inhabitants over ten thousand years ago. It is rare to see such very personal relics of our ancestors, whose artwork could be mistaken for a much more modern version of human endeavor.


Today, the life of the inhabitants of this area of the world still inspires many across the globe, who aspire to the nomadic lifestyle and a life spent roaming the vast, sprawling plains on horseback.  pampeano has its roots in La Pampa, Argentina and from here, we have spent years gathering experience of the local tradition of leatherwork and craftsmanship, of a kind that is unsurpassed. We are passionate about finding true South American treasures which have that same personal touch of the artisan who created it.

It is this that makes pampeano and our iconic embroidered leather polo belts so loved. The famous hand stitching technique employed for our belts is of a quality and intricacy that can only come from the handiwork of an artisan, who takes four to five hours to render a single design onto a belt, using vibrant wax-dipped saddlery threads. For this reason, each belt is unique and becomes individual to its owner, with buttery soft leather that moulds to the shape of the body.