Back to School

September is here, and in the UK as well as many other places around the world, it's time to go back to school. And if going back to school means one thing, apart from the joy of seeing friends again and the dread of classwork piling up, it means the chance to make a fresh impression on your peers and teachers alike. Maybe you're reinventing yourself for the new year, new school, or new university. Either way, you're going to want to hit the ground running with some great looks to get the schoolyard or campus talking.

 belt accessories

For the lower years, accessorising is a great way to improve your school uniform game. Sure, the school may have rules about fresh kicks or designer bags, but one area often missed off the list is the belts. That's where we come in. For 15 years now, pampeano has been one of the world's top sellers of genuine Argentine polo belts, for which we have become famous. And for good reason - these stunning premium leather belts look great, and last a lifetime. Getting yourself one of our vibrant, intricately hand stitched belts will make your dreary school uniform pop and will be sure to make you the talk of the playground. Of course, always check your school's uniform policy before buying a belt for school - but you can always wear it at the weekends!

 children belts

For sixth formers with no uniform or uni students, it's the perfect time to express yourself among your peers by wearing something that shows who you are. And if you're adventurous, exciting, and have a vibrant personality, a colourful polo inspired pampeano belt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. We have belts to fit any wardrobe for any gender and any style. They go great with jeans, chinos, shorts, dresses, casual suits, formal wear and more - great for any occasion and for everyday use.

 Now you're sure you want to get yourself a pampeano belt for the new academic year. But which one to choose? Some great options for Autumn, with richer, warmer colour palettes to reflect the change in nature of the season would include the striking Audaz, the elegant Jefe, the warm Lumbre and the seasonal Navidad. The Colegio is a good choice for going back to school - it was inspired by the colleges of Oxford University, as well as the gold and blue of the stars in the night sky. If you're dreaming of the dreaming spires, this could be for you. Or you could go for a good all rounder that will see you through the year, like the much loved Multi, the sweet Dulce, the traditional Ceibo, or the vibrant Igualdad.

 multi-coloured belt

There is another way to express your school spirit through your accessories - by wearing your school colours. Here at pampeano we offer an exclusive bespoke service to create brand new belts in the colours of your choosing, and can even emboss your school insignia or coat of arms onto the leather belt. So, if you work for a school, are on the school council, or maybe run a society at your university and want to go the extra mile to represent your school with a unique pampeano belt, either experiment with the belt designer here on the website, or get in touch with us at