Authenticity stamps on pampeano belts

Have you ever looked at one of pampeano's luxury leather polo belts and spotted the embossed stamp on the leather just next to the belt loop and wondered what it's all about? If you have, you're in the right place. In this journal entry we will break down what the stamp is, where it came from, and most importantly, what it means. Read on, and discover.
The stamp is called an Authenticity Stamp, and it is common in many clothing and accessory brands. Our special stamp is designed to fit in with any pampeano belt: its elegant and subtle charm sets off the belt, bringing the look together. An important function of the Authenticity Stamp is to prove the belt really is an authentic South American pampeano belt - the finest luxury leather polo belts in the world - rather than any of the pale imitations out there. Also, the stamp serves as a seal of quality, showing that the belt is a proud creation of our skilled artisans. But the stamp is really more than just an aesthetic and functional addition - it has deep meaning to the values that pampeano strive for - but more on that later. 
 belt on a box
What actually makes up the stamp? The first thing you notice as part of the stamp is the diamond shape. This is the Pampa diamond: an ancient Aztec motif carried through the generations reflecting the breath-taking splendour of the Andes mountain range that overlooks the polo fields of La Pampa, Argentina, and have inspired local craftspeople for centuries. Our inspiration came directly from the traditional decoration of the first polo belts, that were made for local polo teams when the sport first arrived in Argentina. The Argentine people, naturally skilled horsemen, took to the sport quickly in the 19th century, and needed a way of denoting which teams were which: they designed decorative, colourful belts much like the pampeano belts you see today. We took the rich heritage of these traditional polo belts and made them our own, designing our own innovative styles completing them with our stamp, branding them genuine pampeano belts. 
man on horse
So you know why we stamp out belts, and what the stamps are depicting, but what do the stamps represent? Our Authenticity Stamp represents the spirit of adventure - not the conquering of the mountains, but rather the synergy with the mountains, and with nature that man has had since the dawn of time, taking inspiration from the incredible world around us to create incredible things. It pays homage to the parts of the natural world that go into each of our luxury pampeano belts - from the mountains which inspired those who came before, to the cows which give us the top grain Argentine leather from which each belt is made, to the plants which go into the vibrant wax-dipped saddlery thread and the vegetable tanning process which renders the belts as butter-soft as they become. The stamps give thanks, and represent how man can use nature's gifts to create. 
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So next time you see a pampeano belt in the wild, or catch a glimpse of it around your own waist in the mirror, you'll surely have a better appreciation of the true meaning of that all-important authenticity stamp. If you have been inspired by this journal entry to take the dive and get a pampeano belt for yourself, take a look here on our website at our broad range of luxury leather polo belts in a stunning range of colourways and designs.