Argentinian Malbec - a lesser known Andes resident

The Andes mountains are home to one of the world's most famous wines, nestled in the hills at high altitude, secretly flourishing under the heat of the Argentinian sun. Argentinian Malbec is a grape with French origin that has been grown in the hills of Argentina for over 150 years. Today the grape is thriving and is strongly identified with Argentina's national heritage.

The ancestor of the Argentinian Malbec, French Malbec, is one of the 'black wines' - with a dark, intense hue that has given wines like these a prestige dating back to the Middle Ages.

Malbec in Argentina

Today, Malbec grapes cover approximately 50,000 acres of the stunning Argentinian countryside, which is now the largest acreage in the world and a sign of this wine's continued success. The Argentine way is to serve this wine at an asado - a grand South American style barbecue - where  Argentinian's world famous steaks are a perfect complement to this full-bodied wine.

The rich, fruity and intense flavour of the Argentinian Malbec is wonderfully luxurious - not the weaker kind of wine that goes passive and unnoticed. The way to recognise a Malbec from Argentina is by its particular acidity which is complemented so well by a rare steak at the asado. The spicy quality and velvety smooth texture of this grape is an unforgettable combination.


Malbec is a fantastic addition to the table at an asado


The rich flavours of red meat and aubergine combine famously well with a glass of Malbec

The asado is an institution of Argentinian culture, where friends and family gather on the estancia and where the tables are laden with specialities made with local produce from the land at the foothills of the world-renowned Andes Mountains. Each plate of steak, each dish of vegetables are grilled to perfection and each glass of rich Malbec is a product of the glorious region. For an accompaniment to your Argentinian Malbec at the table, spiced and aged cheeses are recommended, where the rich, aromatic flavours will combine in a very special way. 

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