additional pampeano FAQs

We wanted to answer some of the broader questions about pampeano so here are our answers on some questions you might have. 
1. What is pampeano?
pampeano is a renowned premium quality leather accessories brand. It is UK-based with all its products being sourced and handmade in Argentina by artisans on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
 2. Tell me about pampeano
pampeano is a premium leather accessories brand which is inspired by La Pampas in Argentina. La Pampas are the rural grass plains of Argentina and are the home to the world-famous gaucho cowboys and gaucho communities. The Pampas region covers a significant portion of Argentina, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Andes Mountains in the west. It encompasses several provinces, including Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, and Cordoba. The area is characterized by its vast plains, fertile soil, moderate climate, and abundant water sources.
3. What kind of products does pampeano sell?
pampeano produces premium leather goods. It specialises in its signature belts of which it has over 50 styles and is also widely known for its leather dog accessories, many of which are matched in design to the belts. pampeano also produces leather goods which range from large travel bags through to keyrings as well as wallets, and purses that can be embossed with your initials to make your pampeano product unique to you.
 4. Who founded pampeano and when?
pampeano was founded in August 2008 by the managing director. The business which is Oxford-based and inspired by Argentina where all pampeano products are handmade using top quality Argentine leather and wax-dipped saddlery threads which are handstitched on with care.
 5. What is the history of pampeano and how has it evolved over the years?
Originally, pampeano started off as a polo brand, producing leather equestrian products and all aspects of polo wear and accessories for both horse and rider, on and off the pitch. In recent years, pampeano has seen a change in direction from polo to become more fashion and accessory oriented with our Dog Accessory and Leather Goods collections, however our pampeano belts are what we are most well-known for today. Moves in location are what have brought us to where we are today in North Oxford and the recent opening of our new warehouse for European trade stockists has enabled us to expand further into Europe.
 6. How does pampeano source its materials?
Top-grain Argentine cow leather that is made and produced there are what is used to create our premium products. The leather is sourced and processed into belts in Argentina and undergoes a lengthy vegetable-tanning process which is animal friendly, a sustainable alternative to the popular chrome tanning technique commonly used worldwide. Our iconic pampeano pattern is stitched on by hand with wax-dipped saddlery threads which are sourced and produced in Argentina. pampeano are are also proud to say that we use 100% plastic-free packaging for all of our products from the swing tags to the boxes they are delivered in, we believe quality, sustainable packaging is what adds to the premium quality of the brand and promotes more sustainable examples for our customers.
 7. Where is pampeano based?
Based a few miles north of the heart of Oxford, pampeano is a UK-based company. Our products are sourced and made by hand in Argentina and are carefully picked and packed from our UK warehouse. In recent months, a new warehouse in Rotterdam, NL has been opened to allow us easier access to our EU Trade stockists whilst also reducing our carbon footprint on air-miles by sending them directly there.
 8. What is the philosophy behind pampeano's products?
pampeano’s philosophy revolves around creating authentic, high-quality leather goods that pays homage to Argentina's heritage while promoting sustainability and supporting local craftsmanship. By embracing these principles, pampeano aims to offer customers timeless pieces that not only tell a story but also become an accessory for life. We are committed to producing high quality products and using only the finest materials, utilizing traditional and time-honored techniques, pampeano aims to create products that are not only beautiful but also made to stand the test of time. We also also value the artistry and skill of the artisans involved in the production process which contributes to the preservation of traditional skills which has produced quality products for countless years.
9. What are some popular pampeano products?
When you hear pampeano you think of our signature handmade pampeano belts. These come in a range of sizes from 70-120cm* and are available in over 50 unique designs. In addition to these, pampeano is much more, with its leather goods, rugs and horse and dog accessories as well as its bespoke/membership belts service which is offered to our customers and our trade stockists. The most popular pampeano is our much-loved 'Multi' pampeano belt. We have been producing this belt design since the beginning of pampeano and it will remain a customer favourite for many years to come. 
*sizes 70-120cm are only available in certain designs, sizes 80-115cm are available in all designs.


10. Where does pampeano ship to?
pampeano offers worldwide shipping to consumer and trade customers! 
We hope you find this page helpful and check out our FAQs website page for more specific information.