Aconcagua - an Argentine inspiration.

Located near the Argentine/Chile border, Mount Aconcagua, among the Andes, provides inspiration for many people, including ourselves at pampeano. Here at pampeano we often take design ideas from the natural world and the South American culture, utilising the artisanal skills of the local craftsmen in Argentina and taking advantage of the rich buttery local leather to craft our beautiful polo belts.

As one of our more reserved designs, the Tornado polo belt features our iconic hand-stitched pampa diamonds which were inspired by the peaks and valleys of the Andes Mountains, complimented by the luxurious Argentine leather that pampeano is so well known for. The vibrant  grey, blue and white colours of the Tornado polo belt echo the snow covered Aconcagua, standing majestic and proud with its cold, steely rugged surface.


At 22,840ft the 'Stone Sentinel' is also an inspiration to the many Argentines that live under its shadow and also has had a huge impact on tradition and heritage dating all the way back to the Incas. Aconcagua (pronounced Akon-Kaywa) is the second highest of the 'Seven Summits' spread across the seven continents of the world, and the highest peak in the western hemisphere.


The summit of Aconcagua was first reached by the Swiss Matthias Zubriggen in Jan 1914 after attempts by many others. There is also the possibility that the mountain may have been conquered even before that by the mighty Incas. We will never know for sure if they reached the summit, but Incas bodies have been found high upon the mountain, preserved by the freezing temperatures.

Having been climbed by persons as young as 9 and as old as 87 it is considered the 'Everyman's Everest' due to the relative ease in climbing it. Of course as I said this is relative, as many people have become trapped and perished in the cold and the high winds that this mountain is infamous for. The term 'relative ease' is due to the fact that the mountain can be completely walked from bottom to the top, giving the ordinary yet very determined man the chance to stand on top of the world.

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