A bespoke saddle from pampeano

You can order a bespoke saddle from pampeano, with our client-tailored service for leather polo and equestrian equipment. We have our roots in La Pampa, in Argentina - the heart of South America - where we began as premium polo suppliers. Here, amongst the thriving polo scene, you will find world-class expertise in equestrian equipment and a passion for handcrafted leather.

We make some of our products to specific requirements, we can personalise others if you request our personalisation service - where you can request that your initials or monogram is 'debossed' or indented on to the leather. It is a superb addition to the look of your bespoke saddle. This service is available across most of pampeano's other leather pieces. 

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Bespoke design is something we offer with the purchase of one of our saddles, made from premium Argentinian leather. Each saddle is handmade by one of our expert craftsman - using&nbsp;the highest quality local premium grade&nbsp;leather to shape and perfect the saddle to your specifications.

how can I customise my bespoke saddle?

There are many ways in which you can bespoke saddle. First, choose your saddle style. Between the American or Argentinian style, personal preference will be the deciding factor. Professionals around the world use both of these styles.&nbsp;Clients can then choose between smooth leather or beautifully soft suede, also in a variety of colours. Seeking something unique and eye-catching? Let your imagination run wild with a host of colours and embroidered designs which we can add to your saddle.

For equestrian teams, there are a wide range of options. Players can choose from our fantastic range of stunning saddles, emblazoned with a national flag of their choice.&nbsp;Our saddlers will create a bespoke item using the flag design of your choice.


Custom design and embroidery

With totally unique custom design and embroidery, a rider can really stand out from the crowd. We pride ourselves on providing authentically crafted and imaginative pieces. For formal events, plain colours can be a necessity. But for everything else, we offer&nbsp;polo equipment&nbsp;for the player and pony&nbsp;in vibrant colours to match your team or personal preference.

The fit and feel of a saddle is very personal, and we do our best to ensure that your bespoke piece meets your needs. Clients can contact us by telephone or email to discuss measurements and requirements. Our care team is also available for any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us here:


Telephone:&nbsp;+ 44 (0) 1865 773 709&nbsp;(Monday – Friday 9am–5pm UK local time)


why choose pampeano?

pampeano has grown a reputation for expertise in equestrian matters and leather work, since our beginnings in the polo fields of La Pampa. Our leather artisans are based in the heart of South America, where the long heritage of polo playing and leathercraft translate into each leather product.

the polo life in La Pampa

Here in La Pampa, polo is a way of life. Children begin to ride at a very young age, and it is a passion that families share, with parents passing their knowledge down to their children. This is a national past-time that many Argentinians cherish, and it also goes hand in hand with the rich tradition of leather craftsmanship for which this area of the world is so famous. What really sets the local work apart from other places in the world is this rich tradition. An artisan is personally invested in the polo life, since he has grown up studying the fine details of the pony and its equipment.

If you are inspired to break away from the traditional, there is a whole host of stunning colours and designs waiting to be discovered. Whatever your style, you now have the chance to honour it in its full glory with our bespoke saddle service.