5 reasons why handmade leather goods are worth the investment

Often, handmade leather goods are more expensive than cheap, mass produced leather goods you might find at online fast fashion retailers. Sometimes it's hard to justify the cost of high quality handmade premium leather accessories. So - are handmade leather goods really worth the investment? The short answer is yes. And in this journal entry we are going to break down five reasons why handmade leather goods are worth the investment, so read on and discover all about what could be your next purchase. 
There is an old adage that says "you buy cheap, you buy twice": and this statement couldn't be truer in the case of handmade leather goods. But in fact - it would be more apt to say that you buy cheap, you buy many more times, because our famous polo-inspired pampeano belts last for many years, and most cheaply produced belts last less than a year. If you do the simple maths, already you can see that investing in a high quality handmade belt from pampeano will be worth it after a few years of wear. Purely from a financial perspective, it just makes sense. A pampeano product is a product for life, made by hand and built to last and be cherished for years to come.
 leather belt on a stool
Value for money
As well as the above, there is another phrase that is commonly used: "you get what you pay for". Buying cheap, factory made leather products will get you a cheap, low quality product. With a high quality handmade product you actually get more for your money - not only will you get more time using the product as it will last longer, but also the product itself is better: better looking, a better finish, and feels better to the touch. That's where your money goes - and if that isn't worth the investment, what is?
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Leather improves with age
A more physical benefit to investing in high quality handmade leather goods is the fact that good leather actually improves with age, rather than poor imitations that will crack and tear. At pampeano, for example, we handpick only the finest top grain Argentine cow leather. Then, the leather undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process, which causes it to improve over time, and with wear. Our polo belts retain their buttersoft quality, and mould to the wearer, only making it more and more comfortable as the years go by. The process is also more natural and better for the environment than the chemical processes usually used by mass produced factories. The process is more expensive, which is echoed in the price, but again - you get what you pay for. 
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Handmade is high quality
Often when you buy low quality items, the finish is poor: the stitching is frayed, the buckles loose, and the whole thing is likely to come apart sooner rather than later. Often this is because there can be little to no human interaction and quality control in these big factories that mass produce these cheap products. On the other hand, at pampeano, our premium leather goods are all handmade, meaning there is expert quality control at every step of the way. Each of our leather pieces is treated like a work of art, with our trained artisans taking up to five hours per belt to hand stitch the wax-dipped saddlery thread into the treated leather. These expert artisans have skills passed through the generations, and make sure that every piece is as durable, reliable, and of course visually stunning as it can be. This ensures that the product that arrives at your door is truly high quality.
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Saying no to fast fashion
The fast fashion industry is a very hot topic at the moment, and for good reason. It's cheap, it produces a lot of waste, is bad for the environment, and there are a lot of unethical practices throughout the process of producing these cheap, low-quality products. That's why purchasing from a transparent, ethical company is always worth it, from a moral standpoint. Here at pampeano, we pay our craftspeople fairly, we use ethically sourced local materials, and always strive to reduce our impact on the environment: from reducing our waste material to cutting out our single use plastic in our packaging. Of course, we are not suggesting you only ever buy from us - after all, we only produce leather products - but it's always worth looking into the ethos and practices behind a brand before purchasing from them. 
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We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the benefits of investing in high quality, premium handmade leather accessories. If you'd like to peruse our broad range, from our iconic polo-inspired pampeano belts to our dog collars and leads and premium travel bags, our full range including exclusive products are all found right here on our website.