2017 Trends: Artisan Fabrics

Introducing artisan luxe:

A key trend for the upcoming spring collections; a gorgeous mix of beautifully tactile natural fabrics and exquisite hand-crafted detail.

The use of natural fibers such as calico, raw cotton, crushed linen, and jute is a recurrent theme amongst luxury brands, as seen here on the catwalk with Pringle.


Sustainable fashion

Not only are genuine artisan products sustainable, but they are steeped in tradition and artistry. No machine-produced replica can duplicate this. The renaissance of the handmade product, in both fashion and interiors, lies not only in aesthetics, but in the uniqueness, limited availability, and brand story that goes with craftsmanship. Discerning consumers want to purchase items that are unique, with a cultural connection and a story to tell: something more than just an item of clothing or an accessory. pampeano has long embraced the ethos of artisanal luxury; focusing on authenticity and craftsmanship in every piece, from their accessories to their interiors.


The South American lifestyle

pampeano takes great pride in its history. Born on the polo fields of Argentina, pampeano began with their exquisite and intricately hand-woven leather polo belts which remain at the heart of their collections. Today, they are known not only as a lead in technical polo equipment and luxury equestrian products, but also for their exquisite leather bags and luggage and their luxurious hand-handwoven scarfs and home interior accessories. pampeano’s leather pieces have been hand-crafted from the highest grade, vegetable-tanned Argentine leather which is butter-soft and rich in colour and lined with the softest, genuine suede. Scarves and throws have been meticulously hand-woven with the finest naturally coloured cashmere and alpaca wool; epitomizing the simplicity, beauty and freedom of the South American lifestyle. Each pampeano piece is an authentic work of art, crafted by artisans using skills that have been mastered and passed down through generations of families.


Luxury leather handbags 

The luxury Calidad Satchel Tote is a contemporary design, steeped with South American heritage and history. The interior is lined with genuine suede, matched to pampeano’s signature pale Bandera blue, and the butter soft, vegetable-tanned leather is hand selected by master craftsmen. The front of the bag features two hand-embroidered leather straps. This traditional method of hand-stitching originates in South America, practiced by highly skilled local artisans. It cannot be replicated by machine, and can take up to five hours to complete an entire pattern. The beautiful pampa diamonds are hand-woven using the finest wax-dipped saddlery threads, as used on pampeano’s iconic leather polo belts.



Aztec cashmere scarf

Similarly with the stunning Vacaciones Cashmere Scarf, shown here in Beige and Brown. This hand-woven cashmere scarf is made up of a beautifully understated diamond pattern, underlying this panel design, which recalls traditional styles worn by gaucho cowboys and nomads in the heart of South America. Each of the artisanal scarves in this collection are woven from 100% pure cashmere, silky soft and lightweight – the perfect transitional piece as chilly days make way for sunshine.




Luxury alpaca wool

In addition to cashmere, you will also find luxurious throws and capes cut from the finest alpaca wool. Reminiscent of the South American gauchos, the fur trimmed cape pictured above in ivory and in black is hand-made in Peru. The wool and fur is acquired naturally through the seasonal shearing of the Andes alpaca herds. Stunning worn with or without a butter-soft pampeano leather belt.






pampeano polo belts

pampeano belts are available in a variety of luxurious styles and finishes – from rustic cowhide to classically plain, but the iconic hand-stitched polo belt is the focal point of the pampeano collection. Featured here are the Estancia, and the Principe. With a variety of geometric shapes and patterns that echo the silhouettes of the nearby Andes mountains and valleys, these beautiful polo belts are phenomenally popular on and off the polo pitch. Distinguished design, vibrant colours and leather that only improves with age – these belts boast workmanship and culture.