pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'
pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'
pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'
pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'
pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'

pampeano Belt - 'Desierto'

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Embrace the spirit of adventure with the Desierto, a new premium polo-inspired pampeano belt.

Desierto, as you may have guessed, translates as 'desert' in English, and this striking polo belt is inspired by the vibrant and unforgettable scenes of the deserts of Argentina. The bright blue reflects the soaring skies above, while the cream and dark brown wax dipped saddlery thread against the rich hazelnut coloured leather invokes the textured sands beneath your feet. All of pampeano's designs are inspired by the magnificence of nature, and the arid desert, while dangerous, can be explored, and that is the true spirit of adventure.

Each of our premium leather belts are hand crafted in the heart of Argentina by local artisans using top quality local materials. The hand picked leather is vegetable tanned, a natural traditional process which ensures the leather retains its butter-soft quality for many years. The intricate design is then hand stitched onto the leather, which takes up to five hours per belt.

The belt is then stamped with our iconic pampa diamond logo, serving as a seal of quality. At this point, you can choose to have an optional personalisation of up to three letters embossed onto the leather belt loop: this makes for a great gift for a loved one. So what are you waiting for: grab yourself a new Desierto pampeano belt, and get exploring!

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