Wild horses - the spirit of La Pampa

The wild horses of Argentina have inspired poetry, songs, literature and minds. These majestic creatures are a symbol of freedom from the norm and their untamed, powerful nature can make onlookers enamoured and apprehensive in equal measures.

The wild horses of the Pampas are called Baguales, and originate from a handful of Spanish-bred horses who were set free into the wild as urban settlers sailed back to Europe. From a regimented life of servitude, a breed of muscular, resilient creatures were born and grew in number, living on the grasses of the vast sunny plains of La Pampa.

Today, the Baguales are a stunning sight to witness, running free across their rugged terrain against the backdrop of the dramatic Andes Mountains. This sense of bold adventure and free spirit is what embodies much of the South American experience that inspired us, in our beginnings in La Pampa, as specialists in premium polo equipment.

We take our inspiration from the intrepid characters that are symbols of this part of the world - the heart of South America. From hand-stitched authentic leather polo belts, to premium technical polo equipment for both player and pony, with pampeano you can stand out from the crowd and claim a treasure from our collection that has been brought to you from the very heart of South America.

Discover how we've taken inspiration from La Pampa region of Argentina and fashioned it into the designs of our polo equipment- including our polo bridles and bridle parts.