When is the 2022 Polo season in the UK?

Unfortunately, polo does not run year round in England - although if you are dedicated enough to hop on a plane you can probably get a match in every month of the year!

The polo season in the UK starts in the late Spring, and runs from April to September to make the most of the good weather, and this year the season at Cowdray Park, England’s most important polo destination, starts on the 22nd of April 2022.

The polo seasons start at different times of the year in different countries, of course - in Florida, the polo season runs from January to April, and in Argentina, the polo season starts in October and runs through to December. pameano’s roots are firmly in the polo fields of La Pampa in Argentina, and hopefully travel restrictions won’t stop us visiting this year!

Most dramatic of all is St Moritz where you can see polo being played in the snow in January and February!

However, mostly, polo is played in warm weather, which is perfect for the laid back dress code that polo is known for.

When the 2022 polo season starts, you can expect to see summery dresses, casual suits - styled of course with one of our best selling belts - and of course flat shoes.

Remember that polo is very much an outdoor game, so this is not a day for towering heels! Don’t forget the mid-match tradition of 'divot-stomping', where everybody is welcomed onto the field to stamp down the clods of earth kicked up by the ponies - something else to keep in mind with the footwear!

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