what to wear to a polo match during polo season

The UK polo season runs from May to September, and spectators of the sport are already making the most of a summer-long opportunity to watch this thrilling game, at some of the most beautiful polo fields in the country. pampeano has its roots firmly in the polo fields of La Pampa, Argentina, which has been dubbed the number one polo destination in the world. Inspired by the national heritage of equestrian skill and artisanal craftsmanship, we developed leather pieces for horse and rider, creating handwoven leather pieces inspired by traditional leatherwork and beautiful designs, that have since gained global attention.

What to wear in the polo season

Polo is a sport that is known for more of a casual, laid-back atmosphere. A polo match brings an air of freedom that is unlike many other summer outdoor events. The dress code is usually smart casual but will depend on the even itself.

pampeano polo belts

Our famous pampeano polo belts have attracted fans all over the world. A pampeano belt is our number one tip this polo season for updating any outfit and adding unique detail to your favourite, classic pieces. Each belt is created using buttery soft, Argentinian leather, vegetable tanned in our signature Havana brown. Each band is meticulously quality controlled to meet our exacting standards, and is taken to be handstitched by one of our artisans. Each of our stunning, British designs is inspired by a particular aspect of our experience in La Pampa, and you will find that each belt has a personality. The fun comes in choosing a piece that fits your individual aesthetic, as you discover the story behind your favourite designs.

polo-season-Rio-polo-belt-James-Middleton Polo style: James Middleton sports a Rio belt

Use your imagination to style a belt in any way you see fit. For sunny days in the polo season, crisp cotton and pale colours are a wonderful choice. A belt around the waist of a flowing, light dress or skirt will bring the whole outfit together. Use the vibrant colours in your belt to pick up other shades in your ensemble, or produce a clever, eye-catching contrast.


polo-season-pampeano-argentine-leather Polo players use designs of their choice to express their unique style.

For authentic polo whites from the polo experts, visit our hand-picked selection from our clothing range.

polo-season-summer-style-polo-belt-women A polo belt is the perfect accompaniment, wrapped around the waist of a flowing dress.

Come prepared

Prepare yourself for the wonderful mid-match tradition of 'divot-stomping', where those in the stands amass onto the field to walk over the upturned-turf that has been upset by the ponies. Polo aficionados will never wear heels at these grassy locations, opting instead for a pair of beautiful flats, or a practical wedge. This is a lively event that brings sportsmen and spectators together for a fantastic occasion that celebrates 'the sport of kings'.

It's no secret that our precious sunny days can be interrupted by unpredictable weather, from showers, to storms, to an unwelcome chilly breeze! Don't be a caught out-head to our alpaca and cashmere ranges to pick out a cover-up that you can easily bring with you to any match or event. These irresistibly soft, fine-knit pieces can be folded up to a fraction of their size and stowed neatly. When unfavourable weather intrudes, you can be sure of instant comfort and warmth with the most elegant of outer layers for summer.

handpicked by pampeano

From our range of woollen garments, we give you our handpicked top tips for effortlessly stylish cover-ups:

polo-season-cover-up-alpaca From our range of handmade alpaca garments: The perfect light summer cover-up.

cashmere-wrap-polo-season Stunning, soft cashmere wrap scarf in cream shades

From our cashmere collection: soft and slinky scarves which can be draped over the shoulders or wrapped loosely at the neck, for elegant protection against the chilly winds. For the polo season, we have selected this Ocio in beige and white, for its beautiful, bright hues and versatility.

For those who prefer cooler, grey tones, we suggest the Vacaciones, whose chic panel design will allow for an ensemble which reflects the adventurous, care-free attitude of the polo atmosphere.

polo-season-cashmere-wrap The Vacaciones, featuring gaucho-inpsired panel design.

Be inspired by tips from pampeano, the polo experts. When you choose a piece from our collection, you are choosing a piece of the polo life, brought to you from the very heart of South America and inspired by the home of polo, 'the sport of kings'.

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