What is gaucho leather?

What is gaucho leather? “Gaucho leather” is a general term for authentic South American leather produced with the same traditional heritage techniques passed down through the generations of South American artisans inspired by the gauchos - or cattle ranchers - of the plains of Argentina. Skilled horsemen, the gauchos would wear leather belts, boots, hats, and more, all using the leather of the cows they spent their lives caring for. Here at pampeano we believe in quality and tradition, and the importance of these values in producing the items we wear and use each day. That’s why we are inspired by the gauchos when we hand select our top grain Argentine cow leather, tan it using the traditional vegetable tanning method, and expertly hand craft it into a brand new piece of South American style. 

Some other companies claim to produce authentic gaucho leather for their leather goods, but it’s our firm view that it cannot be genuine gaucho leather if it isn’t made, produced, tanned and hand crafted into luxury leather products in the home of the gaucho: Argentina. That’s why we proudly select, treat, and manufacture in the heart of Argentina, before distributing our luxury leather polo belts and other accessories worldwide.

We use our genuine gaucho leather in all of our leather accessories, from our iconic luxury leather polo belts to our leather bracelets and even dog accessories. Our gaucho leather is tanned into a range of colours: Havana brown, black, navy, and tan - and this heritage tanning technique ensures the leather retains its butter-soft quality for years to come. This is just one of the many reasons that pampeano’s luxury leather accessories are perfect items to have: they’ll last a lifetime. Explore our full range now to see what authentic gaucho leather can become.