Top 3 Autumn Essentials to Add to Any Wardrobe

Autumn is here. The nights are drawing in, and the leaves are falling from the trees. The aroma of pumpkin spice drifts from every coffee shop, and scary costumes fill the supermarkets. Sadly, we’ve had to put away our shorts and swimming costumes for the year; but at last we’ve been able to crack out the chunky knit sweaters and the stylish winter coats. Our wardrobe, what we wear, is so important to make us feel seasonal, and really marks the calendar in the passing years of our lives. So make the most of this Autumn by treating yourself to some new autumnal accessories from your favourite purveyor of luxury leather: pampeano. 

1. Navidad Polo Belt

First up we have the ever popular Navidad. While the name might mean “Christmas” in Spanish; and some of the colours - red and green - are inspired by the much-loved holiday, the universality of the elegant colour scheme make for an elegant, autumnal looking belt. This top quality belt will see you through autumn, winter and for many years to come.

2. Selva Polo Belt

Next, take a look at the luxury Selva polo belt; while the browns and reds are typically warm, autumnal colours, the bright blue catches you off guard, adding a bit of unexpected fun, showing you not all drizzly November days need to be boring. The vibrant wax-dipped saddlery thread is robust and durable, and will last many years. The Selva is actually inspired by the rainforests of Argentina, making this a perfect belt to accompany you on a brisk woodland walk this Autumn. 

3. Audaz Polo Belt

Now, look at our striking Audaz; if hallowe’en was a belt, this would be it. The orange and deep navy is actually inspired by the sunsets over the deserts of South America, but might just as well have been inspired by a jack o'lantern. This, like all of our classic polo belts, is patterned with our iconic pampa diamond motif, inspired by the Andes mountain range. This is the perfect belt to escort you on your next Autumn adventure. The Audaz, and indeed the Navidad, are also available as dog collars and dog leads, making for the perfect Autumnal dog walk.

Our polo belts are so versatile - they can be added to so many outfits to inject some South American style. Consider the Audaz through the belt loops of some comfy jeans, with a warm jumper, curled up by the fire with a hot cocoa. Or the Navidad, peeking through a long trench coat out on a walk in the country. Or perhaps the Selva, adorning a suit to your new job. The possibilities are so varied and exciting; just like life.

Lastly, check out our range of brand new plain suede belts. Hot off the press, these simple, elegant designs are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The sumptuously soft suede along with the butter-soft leather is a winning combination which will mould to the wearer and only improve with age, owing to the traditional vegetable tanning process it undergoes. Coming in a variety of colours, there is a belt for everyone here, and we’re sure everyone will be for these belts. 

However you wish to spend your Autumn, and whatever you wear, pampeano wishes you a fantastic season.