the timeless piece you deserve ~ a pampeano polo belt

The epitome of luxury and class, a pampeano polo belt really is the timeless piece you deserve. With the festive period fast approaching, this is always the perfect excuse to treat yourself and ensure this piece of luxurious Argentinian culture is part of your winter wardrobe. Our classic leather belts will also last a lifetime, giving you peace of mind in the quality of our products.

Aside from these unrivalled levels of quality, polo belts are the perfect foil for the classic denim look and have been growing in popularity across the globe due to their versatility. Whether you want to look the part at a dinner party or cocktail evening or you’re having a day out with your family, one of our classic Argentinian polo belts can pull any outfit together beautifully.

If you have shopped with pampeano before or perhaps have friends or colleagues who have, you will already know that all of our leather goods, not least our polo belts, are hand made using only the finest bridle leather. As well as perusing our range of luxury polo belts you can discover the brand by reading more about our story.

Impressive Polo Belt Selection

Whilst all of our polo belts are of the very highest order, you may want to take a look at items such as the Jugadoro or the Hermoso. As well as fusing all of the craft and history pampeano stands for, the colours and design in these belts make them a truly versatile fashion piece.

Children's leather polo belt

These belts incorporate an unmistakably stately design, such is the case with luxury leather items and each thread has been individually stitched by hand to offer a product that simply cannot be beaten anywhere online or on the high street. Each iconic pampa polo belt stands for nothing but craft, South American heritage, fashion and, ultimately, pure quality.

Whether worn with a pair of high quality denim jeans or perhaps a smarter approach for a work outfit, we believe that our leather products will never fail to impress. The sheer quality is plain for all to see and the timeless nature of our polo belts has made them the choice of many across the globe and could well be the most appreciated gift you give a loved one, or perhaps yourself, this year.

All of our polo belts are hand stitched and designed by South American craftsmen who have had generations of belt making passed onto them by their ancestors and this is abundantly evident from the selection you will find here at pampeano. Each of our belts has taken in excess of five hours to meticulously craft and we are also proud of the fact that no two belts will ever be the same, such is the quality and individuality.

Beautifully Presented

What’s more, each pampeano leather polo belt comes in a similarly beautifully created presentation box, so whether you are giving yourself the treat you deserve or are buying one of our superb products for a friend or loved one, you can rest assured that it will ooze quality and class.

As a final touch, one can even opt for a poignant message of your choice which can be hand-embossed by one of our craftsmen and gift wrapped to round off what should be right at the top of your Christmas shopping list this winter.

Unrivalled Quality

A leather polo belt is quite simply a gift that will never be forgotten, not least due their quality and the fact that they will last forever. So, if you are looking to invigorate your belt collection and perfect your look this winter, we couldn’t recommend anything other than a pampeano polo belt.


You can browse our children’s belts and all of our sizes and prices here at the pampeano website. You can zoom into any of our premium leather products to inspect the very quality we are referring to and we are confident that you will see the effort and love that has gone into creating all of our merchandise.

Learn About The pampeano Story

If you would like to learn more about the fascinating pampeano story and our legacy, then you can do so by reading our story and the other articles in our journal section. We can also assist you with choosing the perfect leather belt if you like and so please do get in contact at

Alternatively, you can find out more about pampeano polo belts via our ever popular Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to make the perfect choice when it comes to a gift which is quite simply the pinnacle of luxury fashion.