The gentleman's guide to the 'smart-casual' dress code

The definition of the dress code 'smart casual' has quickly turned into a dreaded nightmare for anyone who has received the fashion requirement. In desperation, you go straight to Google and search 'smart casual' only to find a showcase of outfits that couldn't be more different in style. One photo shows a gentleman in jeans and a t-shirt whereas another sees an example of chinos and a shirt.

Mr Porter has summed up the style very well by saying that 'smart-casual is pretty much anything smarter than a tracksuit, but less formal than a suit'. However today, the aspects of smart-casual have grown to create 'subcategories' such as the 'formal-smart-casual' and the 'informal-smart-casual' therefore with such a wide definition, an individual is able to express their style however they want to because if smart-casual means nothing, it means anything.

We believe that a pampeano belt is a key component to creating the best smart-casual look. With some men's accessories relatively lacking in creativity, our belts are the perfect item to compliment an outfit with not only a subtle design but adds the right amount of style to stand out from the crowd at any event.

For someone looking for a subtle look

If you are looking for a belt to add to your smart casual outfit that isn't too bold, then our Jefe and Principe belts are ideal for you. The Jefe comprises of striking navy and brown saddle threads which contrast perfectly against a pair of blue jeans adding the 'smart' to the 'casual'. 

The Principe belt is an infamous regal option with the natural tones of the Argentine Havana brown leather and cream diamond stitching contrasting against the vibrant red centre thread. This belt is a great addition to any pair chinos or bombachas at an event with crisp white shirt.

For someone looking to stand out from the crowd

There is no better way of standing out from the crowd than our iconic Multi belt. This belt comprises five bold colours; navy, racing green, cream, light blue and red, as one of our all-time bestsellers. The Multi is a great accessory for the smart-casual attire whether in a neutral outfit or daring, the Multi is sure to make the outfit as eye-catching as the belt itself.

An alternative option to the Multi is it's Autumn/Winter relative, the Selva belt relates to the colours of the tropical rainforests of Peru, the deep, rich threaded bands of orange, red and green are offset by a lighter palette of sky blue and cream set on the sleek black colouring of the leather. 

Somewhere in the middle

The struggle to find an accessory that meets in the middle of these styles is a challenge however our Colección de Color range is perfect as our divine naturally obtained coloured leather with coordinating saddle threads creating an awe-inspiring contrast of textures through streamlined and sophisticated designs.

The Habano, Marino and Carbon are the classic belt colours but with a twist, the thread design is the best way to add that extra style to your 'smart-casual' outfit with the finest Argentine craftsmanship. These traditional colours are very adaptable and open to endless outfit combinations.

A belt that is unique as the owner.

Our designers hand-select the finest leather available for the Black Label polo belt from the tannery near La Pampa, our artisans choose the very best quality bands of jet black leather and wax-dipped saddlery threads. The Black Label belt is the perfect way to showcase the artistry of such highly trained craftsmen, on purchase a unique number will also be embossed onto the back, identifying your belt to you, exclusively making the belt as individual as you. 

Treating your belt right will ensure our quality to last for decades, our Luggage Trunk Gift Boxes are great for anyone who is on-the-go as the leather case has a strong case strong enough to protect the belt wherever your journey takes you for any occasion.