The best personalised groomsmen gift ideas

We often get asked by our customers about groomsmen gifts ideas and bridesmaid gift ideas. One service we offer on a number of items that’s perfect to make those wedding presents extra special is our debossing service. Based on our experiences of providing personalised wedding gifts to our customers, here’s our best suggestions for groomsmen presents and bridesmaid presents. 

Personalised polo belts

Our number one gift idea, which is popular among those searching for groomsmen wedding gifts, are our personalised polo belts. These make special presents, which really demand to be used and provide a great addition to any wardrobe. These belts are also hard wearing, come in a range of colours and also provide something new and unique, without the risk of being a novelty wedding gift (that sits in its box at the bottom of the wardrobe from now until the end of eternity). This great gift can be a reminder of a happy day, for ever after, with our debossing service, which you can request, to have initials or the wedding date included.  

The above images shows the stunning ‘Azules’ belt featuring an alternating navy and sapphire blue pampa diamond pattern, expertly woven onto rich Havana brown leather. pampeano offer a range of different styles and vibrant colours that will enhance the style of any groomsman suit and co-ordinate with your weddings colour theme.

There’s also a real opportunity to make this gift personal through the choice of design and patterning on the belt, with different colours and ranges to choose from. These colours and patterns appear across different ranges. So it’s also a great opportunity to curate and co-ordinate your gifts if you’re buying a gift set. 

These hand-stitched belts are not only an immensely stylish gift for groomsmen but also have the options to be individually personalised on the leather belt loop to include initials or numbers in either blind, gold or silver as seen below for a recent order for a group of eight groomsmen in New York.

Our belt designs can reflect a groomsmen’s taste through a simple choice of favoured colours (in collections like coleccion de colour or classic), favoured country or nationality, Oxford Colleges, or simple good taste in quality leather.

If you can’t find the perfect design of belt that matches your wedding colour scheme to a tee, we offer a bespoke design service on our belts at an additional cost enabling you to have a custom made belt especially for your wedding. Contact us at to discuss what we can do for you to add that extra detail to make your wedding that little bit more special.

Gift set ideas

Wedding gifts such as these can then be complemented with other quality, practical, items like travel cards, keyrings, wallets, and iPad or iPhone covers. Again, like our belts, these items are a great way to offer something different, with excellent quality of design and materials which serves a real purpose. As well as being useful these products really make a statement and are a discrete way to add some class through accessories.

These ranges of accessories offer a choice of coloured leathers and pampa diamond patterns, that can be coordinated well with other items, for a themed gift set, or personalised collection. Our card wallet range also includes the same debossing service as our belts, meaning that you can add the same initials or wedding date on this item as on a polo belt.

Our gift collection can also be a great place to pick up further ideas, special and specific items, like iPhone or iPad covers, for Apple enthusiasts. Or, if you’re really not sure what pattern is the best fit, you will also find our gift cards in this section.

Finally, these items are also a very popular for groomsmen, or bridesmaids presents because they come in gifts boxes, meaning that you can be sure, that just as with the same attention to detail in our products, goes into all aspects our our service, down to touches such as this presentation. 

If you’re interested in the items and services offered here and would like to speak to someone about your order, please fill the following form or simply call us on +44 (0) 1865 773 709.