Summer polo belt: where the living is easy

Our choice of summer belt for children is the Escocia. This wonderfully bright, refreshing design is a real show stopper. “Escocia” is Spanish for Scotland, and this belt is a celebration of a country famed for its flora and fauna as well as its utterly breath-taking landscape. The Escocia combines vibrant pink and fresh, minty green, with violet just like the distinctive Scottish primrose or the purple heather that covers the sides of craggy hills in the glens of the highlands. Grasses and sedges are kept green by the frequent wet weather, but in summer this means that a whole host of blossoming wildflowers and foliage burst into life.

Our children’s belts are all made to the narrower width of 2.5cm, with lengths of 70cm or 75cm, measured to the middle hole that is fully adjustable.

Crossing continents

The journey of this summer belt crosses two continents, from one stunning landscape to another. pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, which is a province of Argentina that is situated right in the centre of the country. pampeano's roots are in the polo fields in La Pampa and our tree and horizon logo are a depiction of the Caldén tree, which stands proudly on the horizon of the plentiful estancias (ranches) in this region. The Calden tree has exceptionally deep roots, which reach far down below the sandy plains - finding underground springs that give life to the sun-drenched leaves above.

The expansive estancias are home to gaucho cowboys who herd roaming cattle across vast plains, with the towering Andes mountains in the distance. The dramatic peaks and troughs of this famous natural landmark are represented in the traditional pampa pattern, which you see hand-embroidered on all pampeano's polo belts. Geometric shapes are common in the native art of this region. Famous examples, such as Aztec art, show how local people over hundreds of years have been inspired by the rocky Andes, which have been a constant backdrop to this part of the world for even longer. 

The Escocia is a summer belt like no other. It was inspired by one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and has a history in the rich heritage of Argentinian craftsmanship, right in the heart of South America.

What makes the perfect summer belt?

The vibrant colours which make up the pampa diamon pattern in this summer belt are down to the luxurious, wax-dipped saddlery threads that we use in all our leather hand-embroidered polo belts. Skilled artisans weave these threads in a tight, intricate way that produces this distinctive style of belt. Meticulous handstitching and high quality, natural materials mean that each piece in our collection was crafted with longevity in mind. Our signature vegetable tanned, buttery soft leather is used according to traditional methods in leatherwork, which has a heritage in Argentina going back thousands of years. Each artisan in the journey of a belt has inherited his skills from the generations before him, which is why the traditions of leathercraft and handstitching in this area of the world are still so renowned and strong to this day.