Summer Events Not To Miss

Summer is officially here, and the long, hot days bring with them some fantastic events here in the UK for all to enjoy. Whether you're a tennis girl, or a rowing guy, there's something for everyone this summer. Spending time at these top events, often rubbing shoulders with celebrities and even the royal family, you'll want to look the part. The dress code for most of these events is smart-casual, and the perfect addition to your smart casual look is right here on our website: one of our iconic polo-inspired pampeano belts. These traditional Argentine premium leather accessories have their roots with the sport of polo, but the vibrant colours and intricate patterns have transcended the limits of that one sport, and these belts are worn by people from all walks of life all over the world, whether polo aficionados or not. We guarantee you will see several of our pampeano belts at any one of these events - maybe even on the aforementioned royals themselves. It's happened before! So, if you want to look great with a conversation-starting premium leather belt of your own, read on for some inspiration of which events to attend, and which belts to wear this summer.
Henley Royal Regatta
Set in one of the most beautiful towns in the heart of England, with its Pimms and lemonade, Henley Royal Regatta may be the pinnacle of British Summer. And being famous for bright blazers, bespoke for each club and school and colourful dresses, it's the perfect event to debut your brand new vibrant pampeano belt. The Regatta runs from 27th June - 2nd July in 2023, and there is a strict dress code for some of the enclosures. Although, unlike Ascot, the dress code encourages vibrant colours, with lounge suits for the gentlemen and dresses or skirts for the ladies - and, since 2021, the ladies are also permitted to wear jackets and trousers if they wish. This makes the ideal situation for a premium polo belt from pampeano. As mentioned, the Regatta is all about bright colours and patterns, so it's time to get creative and choose a vibrant belt to match your outfit. Wearing a blue jacket? Try the Azules. Maybe your outfit has a bit of everything - then try the Igualdad. The limit is your imagination. 
two rowing boats
Next up we have another British institution: Wimbledon. Strawberries and cream, national treasures packing the audience, and high-octane playing of top tennis players: this is one of the best events of the summer. Running from 3rd - 16th July this year, Wimbledon has no official dresscode; although due to the heat, you will see a lot of hats and sunglasses to protect from the sun. Expect light shirts, jeans, chinos, and summer dresses. This means, even moreso than the previous events, there is no excuse not to get your pampeano belt on! The traditional Wimbledon colours are purple and green, so we would suggest our brand new for 2023 Caza design - those greens will match the Wimbledon colours as well as the bright green grass of the court; and the white stripes could nod to the all-white attire of the players. 
tennis at wimbledon
Goodwood Festival
Affectionately known as "Glorious Goodwood", Goodwood Festival is a famous horse racing event set in the grounds of Goodwood House. Goodwood Festival runs from 1st - 5th August, and since King Edward VII apparently relaxed the dress code in the 19th century, there is a more relaxed atmosphere in the enclosures. In the Richmond Enclosure, the men are required to wear a jacket and tie, and the women must opt for the "garden party look"; for the other enclosures, it's up for interpretation, as long as guests are smart and elegant. We know one surefire way to bring some elegance to your outfit: one of our premium pampeano belts. As mentioned, the dress code is relaxed, so why not choose a belt to go with the rest of your look. If you are so inclined, Goodwood also hosts Goodwood Festival of Speed, a world-renowned motorsports event, which is also a fantastic opportunity to showcase your new polo belt!
car on a racetrack at goodwood
Burghley Horse Trials
Officially classed as one of the two leading three-day equine events in the UK, Burghley Horse Trials is not an event to be missed for the horse lovers. Burghley runs from 31st August to 3rd September in 2023, and there is no official dress code. It's a large, outdoor event, so sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing is a must: but of course, you want to look good. This is where our polo-inspired pampeano belts come in. They will elevate any shirt and jeans look to a more refined and characterful outfit. As the summer is winding down and heading into autumn, you may want to opt for a more muted single colour Bordado belt. Or, you might want to have a bright, vibrant last hurrah for the summer with one of our colourful classic options. 
horse jumping
We hope we have sparked some excitement for this summer's events, and have inspired you to don one of our pampeano belts on your outings. Have a great summer!