Spotlight on pampeano’s ancient tanning process

The ethos of pampeano is about being inspired. By gathering rich experiences from a lifetime spent exploring, we can cherry pick the very best of what we find, and become people who seek adventure, who notice the details and who stand out from the crowd.

From our beginnings on the polo scene of Argentina, to our current presence on the world stage with artisanal leather work and unique designs, pampeano has years of experience in seeking out the very best in quality and craftsmanship.


In order to handselect the highest grade hides for use in their ateliers, our craftsman travel to local tanneries. These are traditional family run businesses which use traditional methods and ancient recipes to put hides through a very particular tanning process.


What is so special about our leather?

At pampeano, we favour vegetable tanned leather as opposed to cheaper, mass-produced leather which undergoes chemical processes. By sticking to the time-honoured vegetable pigments, we can avoid harm to the artisans and the extensive damage to the environment that chemical tanning causes.

The superior quality of a vegetable tanned leather piece is tangible. This type of dyeing process is meticulous and skilled work, which can take up to 60 days to complete. Bark and plants are often taken from the local environment and added to the leather using large tanning drums, in a process that has remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years.


pampeano's pure leather plain polo belts  showcase our high quality leather, which is created by such a special process. Our plain leather belts come in standard and skinny widths, in beautiful, rich neutral tones that will enhance any outfit, any time of year.

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The finish of vegetable tanned leather is unsurpassed, with a soft, supple texture and a long lasting quality. This is a tanning method that is favourable for owners, artisans and the environment alike.