Show Your True Colours

pampeano: The Polo Life.

pampeano is an authentic luxury brand with a rich heritage of Argentine craftsmanship and contemporary British design.


All of our products use only premium grade, butter-soft, vegetable tanned Argentine leather and the highest quality saddlery threads. Each pampeano polo belt has been skilfully made in Argentina by true artisans, each one taking four to five hours to hand craft and weave, creating a product that will last for many years and will only improve with age. No two are quite the same, making them as individual as the people who wear them.

Letter from the designer:


"#ShowYourTrueColours was born from the idea of our polo belts being as individual as you are, all being unique and meticulously hand crafted one by one. We know exactly what makes our belts stand out from the crowd and so we tried to implement this on to ourselves. The team of us that had gathered together in our colourful design HQ were left speechless when we realised justhow difficult it was to pin point our own uniqueness, yet it was so easy to see it in other people. During my own momentary personal identity crisis, where in that instant I was unable to think of any specific factor about myself that made me who I am, our marketing guru, Rupert, grabbed a pen and piece of paper and quickly scrawled over the page: "I heart Abby's style and energy". Feeling like my identity had been returned to me, I immediately felt better. Sometimes we need reminding of these things. It can be hard to see it in ourselves sometimes and if there isn't somebody there to hold it up on a sign for you, then at least a pampeano polo belt is a good place to start."

To celebrate the craftsmanship and artisanal exclusiveness of our pampeano polo belts, we will be running a competition for one lucky winner to win a completely bespoke, personalised pampeano polo belt designed by you and exclusive to you.


The rules are really easy: Think of someone that is special to you, or someone that you think needs reminding of this. Grab a piece of paper and write down what makes them unique. Show their true colours through your eyes. Then take a picture of yourself with your statement and share it with the world! For every photo emailed to us at: or posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) with the hashtag#ShowYourTrueColours you will automatically be entered into the competition. You can enter as many times as you like, plus for every 3 friends that you tag in your photo, you will be given another entry.

What will your polo belt look like? #ShowYourTrueColours