pampeano vintage inspired luggage

Vintage inspired luggage

Vintage luggage is a classic symbol of old-style glamour. For many people it recalls a nostalgic era of travel where lovers met under a clock at railway stations or drove away to Monte Carlo in an open-topped vintage sports car. It evokes a period in history which is worlds apart from modern day airport queues, strict baggage allowances and hoards of stressed passengers queuing like cattle. Sumptuous leather luggage conjures up satisfying images of leisurely travel and neatly stacked trunks and cases stowed in the boot of a vintage car.



The pampeano life is about carving your own path. In our homeware leather collection you will find pampeano's very own collection of vintage-inspired leather pieces, including our gorgeous leather trunk, which is handcrafted by skilled artisans from premium grade leather. The appeal of this choice of travel accessory lies in its beautiful craftsmanship and simple, yet stylish design.

We use sleek, smooth buffalo leather because of its soft texture, which only improves after time. Each piece is handcrafted and therefore unique, and will wear in its own distinctive way. The deep, rich brown you see comes from the tanning process, where only high quality vegetable dyes are used. We have added antique brass finish hardware, just like the well-worn rivets, locks and buckles of old-fashioned trunks.


In recent years, we have seen this style of luggage being used increasingly in the home, to become luxurious storage chests. You will be able to keep all kinds of treasures safe in our array of luggage-inspired pieces. For nooks and corners where space is lacking, decorations that also serve a purpose are a wonderful solution. The rich-toned leather will add interest to any space, and will pick up other warm colours in the environment. Such special, handmade pieces are always points of interest, and are sure to be a talking point with visitors to your home. If you want a neat and stylish place to your cufflinks - or other momentos - our gorgeous leather cufflink case ticks all the boxes.


It is easy to be charmed by vintage leather luggage, and many spend years on the lookout for the most beautiful examples of antique chests or 1930s vintage bags and cases. They recall a heritage of exploration and opulence, and an age of discovery where travel was increasingly accessible, and exotic destinations were finally attainable. It is exciting to imagine who might have owned a case like this, and what adventures it would have seen.

pampeano has a stunning range of leather handbags and luggage. Have fun exploring these design delights.