New Year’s Traditions in Argentina

The New Year is a celebration that people all around the world celebrate, and often in unique and interesting ways. In honour of the New Year, in this blog post we’re going to talk about how the people of Argentina celebrate the marking of the new year - some of these ways may surprise you!

Like many places around the world, fireworks are a big part of celebrating the “Año Nuevo”, as they call it. Either, families will gather in their houses to watch the colourful displays, or gather in the streets for street parties that occur all over the country. Often, people will set off firecrackers to mark midnight.

A family meal at New Year in Argentina is not complete without Turrón, a type of nougat, and Pan Dulce, also known as Panettone. And don’t forget the champagne! Families will often have a late meal to see in the new year, and then head to church at dawn to pray for a good year to come.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, there is a tradition where people, particularly office workers, will shred old documents and paperwork, symbolising leaving the past behind, and at noon they throw it all out of the window as if it were confetti! This one’s a bit messy, but it’s surely a magical sight - like snow falling from the sky.

Don’t be surprised if the cities are quite empty, though; many people flock to the coast for New Year, as it’s the height of summer and many people get a few days off from work, so make the most of it by heading to the beach. Wouldn’t you? It’s a common sight to see families and friends swimming, having barbecues, and celebrating all through the day and night.

There are a few superstitions that some believe in Argentina about how your behaviour on New Year may affect the rest of your year. For example, some believe wearing pink underwear will bring you love in the coming year. Others believe that eating beans will help you either keep your job, or find a better one. Running around the house with a suitcase is supposed to bring you a year of travel. Some believe that stepping forward on their right foot at midnight will ensure they start the year on - you guessed it - the right foot!

However you choose to celebrate the marking of the New Year, we wish you a ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!, and a great 2021!