National Pet Month 2020 & New Dog Accessories for Spring

Perhaps not as well known as other national events, the month of April is National Pet Month in the UK. A registered charity, the movement was set up to promote responsible pet ownership, support pet adoption, raise awareness of the benefits of pet ownership and to increase public awareness of the role of service animals. For most of us, it’s a great chance to finally adopt that pet we have been wanting, or really show our pets how much we care for them. In this blog post, we are going to take you through ways pampeano can help you with one of the UK’s favourite pets: the dog.

First of all we would love to show you our new luxury leather dog range. We stock gorgeous leather leads and gaucho dog collars fit for every dog. Firstly we have our sereno range - inspired by the cool summer nights of Rio de la Plata in Argentina, this navy and light blue leather and thread collar will suit any breed of dog. A matching sereno lead is also available in a choice of widths. We also offer a sereno polo belt, so the most dedicated dog owners can coordinate for more stylish dog walks.

Secondly we have our sumptuous paramo range. The earthy, natural tones of this scheme were inspired by the páramos - high treeless plateaus - of La Pampa, Argentina, where pampeano was born. This great lead and collar combination is an elegant and subtle addition to any dog walker’s arsenal. All of our collars are available in a wide range of lengths, making them suitable for any breed of dog, from the chihuahua to the great dane. Both our leads and our collars bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters which are embossed onto the luxury leather in a choice of finishes; ideal for the dog’s name - Rex, or Tim - or the dog’s initials - for more fancy dogs with full names.

Our leather aztec collars are designed with our signature pampa diamond motif, just like many products across our extensive range. Our embroidered dog collars are made in the same expert fashion as our polo belts; hand picked top-grain cow leather undergoes a traditional vegetable tanning process before being hand stitched by local artisans for a number of hours. This ensures that the collar will last many years, no matter what scrapes your dog gets into. The thread and leather is robust and easy to clean, meaning you can walk your dog wherever you please without worrying about mud or grime.

To further help you in your dog ownership, here at pampeano we are running some brilliant free to enter competitions over on our social media channels; follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated. We run regular competitions to win our luxury products so don’t miss out. 

Also don’t forget to tag us in your pictures of your dog wearing one of our collars - we love to see our products in action and we might even share it!