Luxury goods buyer reviews pampeano

pampeano is an authentic luxury brand. Our exquisite leather, perfect threads and skilled artisans all combine to give our brand the reputation it deserves. All of our leather products are individually hand crafted in Argentina with expert attention to detail at every step.


Quality is of paramount importance to us and so we thought that we would check up to see just how well we are doing. Meet Cormac: One of the best menswear vloggers on Youtube and named as one to watch for 2015 by MFI magazine. Cormac, also a fashion writer based in Dublin, Ireland, uses his prestigious knowledge of luxury fashion and craftsmanship to review famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin.

We believe that the inflated price points of these brands does not mean that pampeano is of any different standard. We decided to put this to the test and see how a luxury goods buyer thought we compared. We sent Cormac our Rio pampeano polo belt and matching Rio dog collar to see what he thought.

Watch the video below for his full review. We're pleased to say he loved them.