Luxury fashion in Buenos Aires

pampeano's roots are firmly set in Argentina where our products are hand-made, combined with our expert and contemporary design team in the UK, we have created a perfectly balanced mix of Argentine craftsmanship and British luxury - melding the artisanal with high fashion.

Known as the 'Paris of South America', Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city where you can immerse yourself in fashion, culture and experience, from the cool of Palermo to the colour of La Boca.

Buenos Aires is a city that loves fashion, with a mix of 'laid back' formal and casual wear. The locals buy quality over quantity, opting for pieces that are made to last - favouring classic tones of camel, cobalt, black and white. When thinking about accessories, Argentina is renowned for its leather and a great place to showcase and shop for the exquisitely made leather belts, handbags and shoes. Ladies complete the look by adorning their outfits with a silk pashmina, perfect for daytime and evenings. There is a European flavour about Buenos Aires, but with a large helping of South American liveliness and warmth. Whatever vibe you find, it is a city with which you are sure to fall in love.

Pampeano Shoot September 2014 Pampeano Shoot September 2014

Argentine hand leather stitched pampeano polo belt - Multi. 


Mulberry monogram silk jacquard scarf - John Lewis


H by Hudson Ipanema Slippers - Selfridges