Learn to seamlessly style through the transition

We are at that time of year again, when you wake up in the morning and the British weather makes it almost impossible to decide what to wear - the transition between Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. When you first open the curtains, the weather may look hopeful, but as soon as you leave the house the skies open and soak your floaty, summer blouse which you optimistically wore without a jacket.

A familiar scenario - maybe? But with a few clever layering tricks and the introduction of stylish le, leather accessories, you will always be prepared, no matter what that British weather throws at you. 

The best way to style for the transition is to start basic and layer up. Begin with a plain top and jeans or a pencil skirt, and let the accessories speak for themselves. To get this look, wear a ribbed wool-blend sweater from Mango with a Lotetta Waterfall coat from Hobbs on top. Follow on with a timeless cashmere scarf and one of pampeano's gorgeous skinny belts (2.5 cm width) - bringing in warmer colours and exquisite textiles over your outer garment. This use of layering will allow you to perfectly segue from summer to winter no matter what Mother Nature decides.