how to care for your leather goods

It is not a secret that pampeano is world renowned for the exquisite quality of its hand-crafted leather goods. Each piece uses only the most premium-grade, butter-soft, vegetable tanned, Argentine leather and the finest, vibrant saddlery threads. The leather which we use is hand selected by our own craftsmen and meticulously checked for imperfections before passing the perfect pieces onto our artisans to expertly hand cut and weave.


To ensure our products are kept looking their best, we have included some tips on how to continue the nurture and care after they have safely arrived gift boxed at your door.


When you receive your pampeano belt, it will already have been treated and sealed with wax on the grain edge, to ensure durability and a glossy, soft texture. To maintain the lustre of your belt, we recommend using a leather conditioner. Simply take an amount the size of a 20 pence piece, and work into both sides of your belt with a cloth. Take a second, clean cloth and buff the excess away. It is best to leave your belt to air dry.

Humid weather can take a toll on your leather, and if any moisture gets onto your belt, take a cloth or towel and dab it away. If a spillage occurs which affects the threading of your belt, we recommend that you take a damp, un-dyed sponge and some mild soapy water to restore the vibrant colour of the saddlery thread.

The best way to maintain your belts is to wear them on a rotational basis. In our belt collection you will find belts to suit you for every occasion, as well as tried and tested pieces in classic styles. Rotating your belts will ensure the longevity of each one that you own.


Dog collars and leads:

We know that these are the pieces that endure the most wear and tear, and here it is all the more important to use your leather conditioner to deter moisture and dirt from the leather on your dog’s collar and lead. The extra care will go a far in ensuring the longevity of the leather and wiping down the stitching as detailed above will keep your dog collar looking vibrant and fresh.


Buffalo leather products:

In our lifestyle section, you will find beautifully crafted examples of buffalo leather. This is a more delicate leather that is wonderfully soft, and stained to give an antique-look finish. It is important to avoid spillages on these products, and if moisture does get onto your buffalo-leather, dab it away as soon as possible. Avoid using oil on these leathers as it may cause the surface to wrinkle.

All of pampeano's product's have been made to last and this longevity has been kept in mind during the design process with classic colours and patterns which defy the changing seasons and trends, meaning you have a true time piece that will last for years to come. As the leather warms and softens with use, a beautiful patina is created in the soft vegetable tanned leather, creating a lifetime of memories and stories within your heritage product.

With pampeano, something old is just as special as something new.