how to add pampeano to your work life

While it’s true that pampeano strives to embody the spirit of adventure, our products can also be used to liven up the workplace, making each day an adventure of its own. In this journal entry, we’ve compiled a helpful list of suggestions of which products might help your work life to be more exciting and fashionable. 

Firstly, we suggest the Recado messenger bag. Messenger bags were first created for postal workers in the 20th century, and ever since have become a staple of a working professional’s lifestyle. Our Recado features a padded laptop compartment to keep your personal computer safe and secure, as well as several other zipped pockets to keep your work organised. We suggest the khaki canvas version with the cream pampa diamond for the workplace: the toned down colour scheme evokes professionalism, while the material is very reliable; it creates a highly functional and fashionable product.

We all know that laptops play a huge part of working in the 21st century, whether you work in an office, from home, or need entertainment on your commute, these small computers have become a part of everyday life. To protect your laptop, we suggest our Folio laptop case. For work use, the brown leather seems appropriate; but the vibrant pampa diamonds decorating the case provide the all-important individuality and flair, while maintaining professionalism.

Since the rise of smartphones, the mobile phone has become more and more part of work life; from answering emails on the go, to taking calls; even word processing is possible. As such, protecting - and accessorising - these important parts of our lives have become more and more popular. pampeano stock a range of gorgeous iPhone cases, in a range of colours. For the full work package, we suggest our matching iPad and iPhone case offer; meaning that you can coordinate your work devices, while keeping them safe.

As well as protecting your devices, we know that it’s important to protect your image. When in a meeting it’s important to make a good first impression, as well as on a day to day basis. Our iconic luxury leather polo belts are the perfect accessory to wear in the workplace. With our vast range of styles and designs, there’s one for every job; from the immaculately dressed office workers, to the smart-casual workers, even working from home. Wearing one of our belts makes you look good, but more importantly feel good; because when you feel good, you work well. 

For a more subtle and professional look, we suggest the Colegio or the Astro. The Colegio’s rich blue and gold tones will make you look and feel like a vital member of the company. The Astro’s subtle blue and striking white stripe will make you stand out, while remaining work appropriate. For a more vibrant, laid-back or colourful workplace, consider the Rosa or Roca. These belts both feature a stunning pink thread, which will definitely stand out from the crowd. 

For those who work at a desk, the Charola coin tray is a worthy accessory for any office. Use it to organise your loose keys, coins, flash drives and business cards, all the while looking extremely stylish. The Charola makes it look like the desk of an accomplished, professional worker. The Charola also would help tidy the cab of a van, a staff room or a home office. The possibilities are endless. 

We hope that pampeano’s products help your work life to be a more productive, fashionable and exciting place.