Feel the Spirit of Argentina for yourself

As the cold weather sets in, I think it is about time that all us British decided to take refuge abroad. Did you know that it is 25 degrees in Buenos Aires today? It's the perfect time for a trip to Argentina. So, I have put together the top five ultimate places to visit in Argentina, finishing in La Pampa, the heart and origin of the pampeano brand. 1. Iguazú Falls - Meaning "Great Waters". This is not a waterfall that you will forget in a hurry. Voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this is definitely not to be missed during a trip to Argentina. You can take one of two walkways, either above the waterfall or by the base - but be prepared to get wet. 2. Punta Tombo - Take the opportunity, whilst in Argentina, to walk with the Penguins in this so called "Penguin Paradise". This rocky, dry landscape leads out into the sea and is nothing like you have ever seen before. Children are also allowed in the reserve, so it is a great place to take the kids and something they will never forget. 3. Buenos Aires - A trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to this seductive city. Enjoy the architecture, taste the great steak and have a go at the famous Argentine Tango. We guarantee you will be thoroughly inspired by beautiful Buenos Aires. For pampeano's fave places in this incredible city, see the best Buenos Aires hangouts. 4. Los Glaciers National Park - Visit the Moreno Glacier, which will truly take your breath away. Here you can book the opportunity to trek across the glaciers or sail around them. With a permit, it is also possible to go trout fishing in the area, so there is something for everyone. 5. Lihue Calel National Park - We finish our journey where it all began for us, La Pampa. Surrounded by the stunning Lihue Calel Mountains, the national park is a beautiful place to visit with the opportunity to see many different species of animal and truly experience the spirit of Argentina.