Exclusive Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day is on the way once again, and it’s time to choose a thoughtful gift for your father. It’s often difficult to select a gift for the man who has everything, but this handy gift guide from pampeano will suggest some high quality leather accessories for the distinguished gentleman.

First of all, this wouldn’t be a gift guide from pampeano without highlighting our iconic luxury leather polo belts, for which we are famous. For Father’s Day, we suggest the Exigente, the Colegio, and the Azules. The Exigente is a muted, subtle colour combination, perfect for the professional father who wants to make a statement without being too overstated. The Colegio features a timeless, classy colour scheme of navy blue and gold, representing the gorgeous night sky which reigns over the polo fields of La Pampa, Argentina. The Azules, finally, is a bright and vibrant blue belt, celebrating the deep blues of the oceans which connect us all. A polo belt is the perfect gift for a father - firstly as all men need an extra belt - and secondly as all of our polo belts bear an optional personalisation of up to three letters, which is embossed onto the leather belt loop, perfect for your father’s initials, or simply the word “dad”. 

Since the Middle Ages, in many Catholic countries, Father’s Day has been celebrated on 19 March as Saint Joseph’s Day; Saint Joseph being the acting father of Jesus. The UK began celebrating Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June sometime in the 20th Century, following the USA’s lead. It has since become the perfect time to shower your father with gifts and show your appreciation for all he has done.

To help with gifts of all occasions, we have created a series of gift sets. Firstly, take a look at our wallet and loop keyring set. This set levels up any man’s pocket game, and is the perfect smaller token of affection and appreciation. Choose any of our broad range of wallets, and to go with it, one of our stylish loop keyrings. There are many different colour combinations to choose from, so you can create a combination as unique as your father. The keyrings are designed with our distinctive pampa diamond motif, to match our polo belts; it’s an ancient Aztec design which symbolises the Andes mountain range.

Another gift set we would thoroughly recommend would be the belt and credit card holder set. This is perfect if you’d like to add something special to our standard belts. Firstly, choose any of our classic polo belts, and then choose one of our stylish and practical credit card holders. For the modern man, the credit card holder is a more lightweight alternative to the traditional wallet, and in the age of contactless, it’s often all that one needs.

In Argentina, the home of pampeano, the source of all of our high quality materials and where our luxury leather goods are handmade, there have been repeated propositions to change the date of Father’s Day to the 24th of August, the day that the “Father of the Nation”, José de San Martín, became a father. It has not yet been adopted by most of the country, but perhaps in the future it will.

Next up, we have a new addition to our illustrious range of products: our new suede belts. We have a few different varieties of these sumptuously soft belts: the Gamuza navy belt and Gamuza blue belt, as well as the Confianza tan belt, great for those with an eye for detail. These suede belts are made with the same love, care, and exquisitely high quality materials as all of our leather products. 

Finally, we suggest one of our sturdy and fashionable Folio laptop sleeves. Coming in black, navy, tan and brown, and with many different options of coloured highlights, this sleeve is the best way to keep your father’s laptop safe. This gift would be great for the working dad, or one who is always on his laptop.

We hope this gift guide has piqued your interest - do take a look at our full range of accessories here on our website for more ideas. Whatever you choose to gift to your father, we wish you and yours a happy Father’s Day!