Edicion XV Anniversary Belt

This week we are celebrating 15 years of pampeano!
We are so pleased to be sharing this wonderful milestone with all our customers and stockists together.
In celebration of this special occasion, we have released a limited edition pampeano belt – the Edicion XV. With only 100 being made and each one being individually numbered in gold foil debossing this exquisite one-off pampeano belt is truly one of a kind. 
Its thread colours are the pampeano colours itself with a light blue, rich brown and cream stitch design made of the same wax-dipped saddlery threads which are hand-stitched onto the Havana brown leather with care by skilled artisans in Argentina. This unique, limited edition design showcases another level of bespoke with our passion in artisanal craftsmanship and luxury materials.
This one of a kind pampeano belt will be with you for years to come to remind you of our celebration of pampeano over the last 15 years. The top quality Argentine leather we use for our pampeano belts is buttery soft and will only get better over time as it softens and becomes an accessory you will have for years to come. 
So join us by getting your own pampeano Edicion XV belt that only you and 99 others will have!