Día de la Tradición

Each year on November 10th, people all over Argentina celebrate Día de la Tradición - which directly translates to “Tradition Day”. But what is Día de la Tradición? Taking place on the birthday of Argentine poet José Hernández, this day of national pride celebrates gaucho culture - the lifestyle, clothes, code of honour of the gaucho: the traditional Argentine cowboy.<.p>

José Hernández is best known for the epic 19th century narrative poem El Gaucho Martín Fierro, which tells the story of Martín Fierro, a gaucho from the pampas of Argentina, who is drafted into the military. The presentation of the gaucho lifestyle is romanticised in his works, and Hernández is partly responsible for the nation’s love of gaucho culture today - from the fashion to the love of horses, it heavily influences Argentine culture in general.

Hernández is one of the most celebrated literary figures in Argentina, akin to Robert Burns or William Wordsworth in the UK. The most prestigious television and radio awards in the country taking their name from his iconic literary creation: the Martín Fierro awards, very much the Emmys of Argentina.

Historically, on Día de la Tradición, people would visit the Gaucho Ricardo Güiraldes Museum in San Antonio de Areco, but in 1975, San Martín, the hometown of José Hernández, was named the City of Tradition, and many fans will visit his birthplace.

Hernández was born and raised on a farm, so grew up among cattle ranchers and gauchos. These rural and pastoral influences greatly impacted his literary work. The genuine love he shared with the world of this way of life spread across the country, and is possibly the most famous feature of his poetry. This is why, each year on his birthday, people celebrate the love of this culture.

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