decorate your house this autumn - south american style

Due to the fact that pampeano is a company steeped in Latin influence, our regular customers often ask us for advice on how they can inject a little bit of South American culture into their homes and into their lives. Aside from some of the fabulous homewares and leather goods collections you can find here on our site, there are also a range of other things you can do in terms of autumn decorations and general lifestyle tips to give your home that Argentinian feel.


You will find many of these styles and ideas used across South America today; we are confident you will simply love the results if this is the look you are going for in your home this Autumn.

Bathroom Mosaics

Something you see quite a lot in many South American regions are mosaic tiles. Often these are added outside to make the exterior of a building more attractive, but what we are seeing more and more is these being utilised indoors. You can get wrap around tiles and mosaic tiles for your bathroom fairly easily these days and this could really transform what many feel is the most important room of the house. Imagine relaxing after a long, hard day in the bath with a beautiful mural to enjoy in the process.

Tiled Floors

Used mainly due to the hot weather in Latin America, tiled flooring is a classic South American approach and could look fantastic in your home this Autumn.  Tiles also work fantastically with underfloor heating as they allow heat to pass through them into the room and they retain the heat as well keeping the floor toasty warm. You can get all sorts of fantastic designs and they aren’t even that difficult to lay down should you decide to do this yourself. Use these to complement whatever designs you have gone for with your walls and murals and the results will be remarkable.


Vibrant Paint Colours

Although we have touched on this one with your wall decorations, vibrant colours are a huge part of South American culture and the autumnal tones you could go for could have a quite stunning effect on your home. Why not paint your home with some fiery reds, oranges and browns to create an unmistakably autumn feel to your dining room. This is an approach often taken in Latin America as it can be warm and inviting and also create a cosy atmosphere when the weather starts to drop, as it inevitably will.

Bold Fireplaces

Now, most people would think that a fireplace is not the most essential part of a typical south American home. However, they would be wrong. It can actually get quite chilly in certain parts of the continent in the winter months and even when it isn’t, the fireplace is still the centre piece of the living room just like as in Europe.

Tying in with the sunset reds and oranges, a beautiful glowing fireplace can really finish off the atmosphere beautifully and you can get some Latin style fireguards from most good home stores. Alternatively, why not check out our log baskets in our homewares section?

Classic Arched Doorways

Now this one may not be possible for all, especially if you aren’t looking to restructure your home or get the builders in. However, if you are going for a truly classic South American look this autumn then this would finish the aesthetics of your home off beautifully.

If you are lucky enough to already have some arches in your home, then you can look to decorate these to make them look quintessentially Latino. Perhaps some bold triangles or gold patterns, the choice is yours and you can buy some stencils online if you feel like being creative with your autumn decorations. If not, you can always look to seek the help of an interior designer who will be able to create an unmistakably South American design for you.


Luxury Candles

Something you should definitely bear in mind as a final finishing touch to your South American style autumn decorations for the home, is not ruining it all with the wrong lighting. If you have managed to incorporate all of these touches to your home, then you don’t want to spoil it with an ugly energy saving lightbulb. By all means use these, but see if you can get a nice lamp shade to disguise these industrial looking eye sores.

Latin homes are usually full of classic looking candlesticks and candelabras, so be sure to make sure you pull all of your hard work together with some fantastic South American lighting.

Use these suggestions and we are certain you will have a typical South American feel to your home this autumn. As always, you can contact the pampeano team any time at to discuss your interior design needs.