Combine Pantone's Colours of the Year 2021 with pampeano

For 20 years, Pantone has graced us with a Colour of the Year - a colour to symbolise the coming year, and often influences fashion and design for the following twelve months. This year, for the first time in Pantone’s history, they have announced not one, but two colours for 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a bright yellow. With all the trouble that 2020 has dealt us, we see this vibrant colour combination as a symbol of hope for happiness in the new year to come. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the company, said that “the union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude.” We couldn’t agree more, and think this is the message we all need after such a turbulent year. 

Here at pampeano we consider ourselves a very on trend fashion brand, and as such we have compiled a list here of some of our products which incorporate one of these wonderful colours.

First of all, we’d like to show off some of our iconic polo belts, which has made pampeano famous the world over. We have a wonderful selection of belts featuring a spectrum of greys, many of them similar in tone to the Ultimate Gray, one of next year’s colours of the year. 

1. Roca pampeano polo belt

Firstly, we have the Roca. This is also a more subtle, elegant look - but with the addition of a navy blue and a white. This cold palette of colours is arranged in our more traditional style of pampa diamond motif; also inspired by the peaks and valleys of the Andes mountain range. The wax-dipped saddlery thread is framed by our Havana brown leather; our most popular style of leather. This Roca would be perfect with an outfit of colder colours, great for the Winter, or cooling off on a hot Summer’s day. 

2. Tornado pampeano polo belt

Then, consider the stylish and elegant Tornado. The word Tornado means storm, and you can see why, with this striking monochrome design. The grey threads against the Havana brown butter-soft leather creates a classic, almost timeless look. This more subtle look is great for those who prefer an understated look, yet the intricate design adds a level of detail which a plain belt lacks.

3. Sierra pampeano polo belt

Next up we have the Sierra - similar in design to the Sombra, but the increase in contrast between the shades of grey evokes the breathtaking contrast of the snow capped peaks of the Andes; the ancient mountain range that overlooks the polo fields of the La Pampa region of Argentina, where pampeano was founded. This is why it’s called the Sierra: a word meaning a long jagged chain of mountains. This is the perfect belt for those who love an adventure or a hiking trip.

4. Igualdad pampeano polo belt

Now we take a look at the Igualdad; the polar opposite of the Sombra, this luxury leather polo belt throws subtlety out the window in favour of vibrancy, in the spirit of celebration. This belt is inspired by the colours of the rainbow; the spectrum of colours visible to the human eye. One of said colours is a bright yellow, very similar to the Illuminating - however this belt, being mulit-coloured as it is, will last you many years with regard to the Pantone colour of the year.

Now, we’d be remiss not to mention our vast range of other leather accessories; it isn’t just polo belts we provide our loyal customers with. We also offer dog accessories, travel bags, and much more. For example, check out our range of Ebano dog accessories - the combination of light blue and grey makes for a very attractive dog collar, as well as a dog lead. We also are stocking a range of keyrings, including grey pom pom key rings in large and small sizes. Not only this, but our Azar passport cover is adorned by a grey pampa diamond, a perfect highlight to the black leather. 

If this list has piqued your interest in our broad range of products, whether incorporating the Pantone colours of the year for 2021 or not, do browse our website for our full range.