Cleaning your pampeano belt

So, you've had your pampeano belt for a few months, and you love it. You wear it everywhere - it complements your work outfit, it looks great with your casual looks, and you know it's going to be great with those chunky knits over winter. You wore it to a friend's barbeque last week, and you lay back in the grass, carefree, laughing with your friends. But today you've taken a closer look at the high-quality wax-dipped saddlery threads, and you notice a smear of dirt besmirching the otherwise vibrant colours of your favourite leather accessory! So, you grab your phone and head here, to the pampeano website, where you bought your belt from our exclusive range of polo-inspired accessories you can't get anywhere else, to see if we have any tips and/or tricks to help you restore the former glory of your premium pampeano belt. And lucky for you, your ship has come in: this journal entry contains all the tips and tricks you need to get your pampeano belt looking as good as the day it arrived on your doorstep: nay, better! So read on, and soon you'll be back out there making memories with your next adventure.
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The first thing you need to know is that a pampeano belt is made for life. You don't need to worry about a bit of dirt destroying your favourite addition to your wardrobe. So, unclench that jaw, allow your heartrate to slow, relax, and read on. You won't get rid of this belt that easy! Now, what is the best way to clean your pampeano product?
It's simple - grab yourself a damp cloth (not wet) and wipe it gently down. Just water should get rid of the worst of the dirt you've accrued over your outdoor excursions.
Next up, if you still have some trickier pieces of dirt stuck among the hand-stitched threading, add a small amount of dish soap and gently wipe the threads, always following the grain. The dirt should be gone in no time! It really is as simple as that, there's no need for machine washing (in fact, we recommend that you never machine wash a pampeano product). But there is more you can do to take care of your luxury leather belt.
 do not machine wash your leather belt
To prolong the life of your belt, you can use leather products like balm on your pampeano belt. This will eliminate any cosmetic marks on the leather and will also help to keep it supple and butter soft for years to come. You can get products like this online, or a great place to go is your local cobbler and talk to them about what will be best for your belt.
leather balm
We hope this journal entry has been helpful, and your pampeano belt is looking as good as ever once again. Enjoy breaking it in all over again!