Best friends: matching dog collars and belts

You've heard of friendship bracelets, now combine your polo belt with matching dog collars and leads. You and your canine companion will be an eye-catching duo as you stride with pride through your favourite haunts. As always, hand-embossed personalisation is available at your request, for the ultimate matching pair of best friends.

Certain designs from our iconic polo belt collection can be coordinated with beautiful accessories for your dog or even your horse. Now everyone can join in the South American adventure, with handcrafted treasures born out of a rich heritage of Argentinian leatherwork. Read on to discover the range of matching sets that you can share with your dog or horse.

For the dog lover

Fans of our polo belts love to match their belt with a collar or lead for their dog. Be the talk of the town with the ultimate combination of an Argentinian leather dog collar and a polo belt. These smart accessories are all made by true artisans, who spend hours handstitching the iconic pampa pattern onto buttery leather. Don't forget our personalisation service, for the most exclusive of gifts for your canine companion.

With our matching dog collars and leads, you never have to make the choice between leather and colour. Richly coloured saddlery threads are woven in and out of specially pressed holes in the thick leather collar band. This is how each artisan creates our famous pampa patterns. The premium Argentinian leather is handselected for its superior quality, and is taken to the tannery. Our signature Havana brown leather is vegetable tanned, which is precisely what gives it such a gorgeous supple feel and beautiful sheen. As a result of this careful tanning process, our leather is chemical-free and naturally coloured. Time-tested recipes are used by expert tanners who have inherited their skills from the generations of craftsmen before them.

Which dog collars and leads can I match to my belt?

We have a whole selection of matching dog collars and leads for you to combine with your favourite belts. Each luxury design tells a different story about the South American lifestyle in La Pampa, where we have our roots. Have fun exploring our collection and choosing a design to represent both you and your dog. Simply click on a product below to find out more. Read on to discover which designs have been named this year's favourites.


argentinian leather polo dog collar argentinian leather polo dog collar pampeano-polo-belts-audaz-2016_1024x1024_large

For the bold. Bright, burnt orange and inky navy make up the Audaz design.

Plain Leather

argentinian-leather-dog-collar-plain-brownargentinian-leather-plain-dog-lead-brown   plain brown narrow leather belt

Plain leather is absolutely timeless. This range of plain brown pieces allows the eye to focus instead on the exceptional quality of the leather and the fine craftsmanship comes with every pampeano design.

Our favourites:

The most-loved pieces for this year are here. The best-selling designs in our collection are the Tornado and the Hermoso. 

The Hermoso Lookbook

Our fabulous Hermoso design combines pink and navy threads, stitched to reveal pampa diamonds in buttery soft, Havana brown leather. Now the whole team can show off gorgeous designs with coordinating pieces from the Hermoso line. Click on an image to discover its story.

Children's Argentine leather polo beltlurcher dog collarargentinian-leather-polo-dog-collar-navy-pink-hermoso-narrowpolo-equipment-leather-polo-headcollar-pink-navyargentinian-leather-polo-dog-lead-pink-navy-hermoso-skinnypolo-equipment-leather-stitched-leadrope-navy-pink

The Tornado Lookbook

The Tornado design is a wonderful play on the traditional pampa diamond, with luxury wax-dipped saddlery threads in neutrals: soft grey and navy, finished with a striking vertical stripe in cream. With collars in seven sizes and and the full range of belts to match, nobody will be left out. Click on a product to go to its page.

leather-polo-belts-grey-navy-white-tornadolurcher dog collar argentinian-leather-polo-dog-collar-navy-grey-white-tornado-narrowpolo-equipment-leather-polo-headcollar-navy-creampolo-equipment-leather-stitched-leadrope-navy-creamargentinian-leather-polo-dog-lead-navy-grey-white-tornado

 For the horse lover

We even have some designs which will coordinate your pony’s headcollar and leadrope to your polo belt. You and your pony are the ultimate team: for events and shows, why not make an impression together? Depending on your style, designs can be coordinated and matched in unique ways.

We recommend a skinny belt for jodhpurs, where the 2.5cm width is ideal for these smaller belt loops.

Plain Leather

polo-equipment-plain-brown-leather-head-collarplain brown narrow leather beltpolo-equipment-argentine-leather-browband

Plain leather is timeless. Our characteristic glossy sheen and buttery soft feel make these beautifully crafted pieces pampeano classics.


polo-equipment-leather-polo-headcollar-leadrope-set-pink-navy Children's Argentine leather polo belt

The contrasting pink and blue design looks exceptionally pretty against rich brown leather.