Be inspired by the South American Nomadic lifestyle

Nomadic peoples are found all across South America, from Cape Horn to the Orinoco River. Nomadic tribes roam across the country, in search of grazing land for their livestock, and new places in which to settle for a while. The nomadic lifestyle means that its people are never rooted in one place, but are constantly travelling across the rugged terrain, taking with them the bare necessities.

Nomadic art is often combined with practicality. In a lifestyle that demands minimal possessions, it is common to find everyday objects which are as beautiful as they are functional.


For example, furniture is decorative with woven patterns and traditional designs, such as the now famous  that you have seen on our polo belts. This comes from traditional depictions of the impressive landscape of the Andes Mountains. The geometric shapes depict the troughs and peaks of the instantly recognisable geography of central South America, and are a trademark of the native art of the surrounding areas.

You will see this native art represented on much of our lifestyle collection as well as our belts, which pay homage to the stunning designs and landscape that is uniquely South American.


Let's not forget our favourite multi-purpose material: As well as being used for woven pieces, such as clothing, rugs and furnishings, alpaca is a much-loved material, because it is so famously durable and soft. Everything from yurts to clothes can be created from these native, hill-dwelling animals. Our artisanal-sourced alpaca garments have been selected for their softness, and for the unmatched quality of their wool.

Just like in our handwoven home-furnishings, vegetable dyes are used to create the vibrant colours of nomadic tribal art. These pigments are usually taken from the surrounding flora and fauna, meaning that the natural landscape is forever intertwined with the art of those residing in it. Brightly coloured beads adorn garments and functional items, and in a world so far from that of mass-production, each piece of functional art must be made by hand, and will be extremely personal. pampeano embodies this tradition of handcrafting, and we know that there is something very special to be found in pieces of hand-woven or hand-crafted art, every piece of which is completely unique. Take a look at some of our beautiful products below to inspire you to create your own nomadic-inspired dream interior in your home.