Aurora Cotten-McKean on fashion, polo and why she loves pampeano

Be inspired: Aurora Cotten-McKean on fashion, polo and why she loves pampeano

Here at pampeano, we are fortunate to meet some amazing and inspirational people. Amongst them is Aurora Cotten-McKean: model, blogger and aspiring polo player from Norfolk, England. Aurora is also the Polo Editor for The Bit UK, a luxury equestrian and country lifestyle magazine, and has recently launched her own polo and lifestyle blog, The First Chukka.


Aurora, who began her modelling career at the tender age of 15, is passionate about polo, describing it as “the addiction and lifelong love affair that is the Sport of Kings”. She began writing for The Bit while still very much a beginner in polo, although years of spectating at polo matches and a successful blogging career stood her in good stead. Don’t be misled by the beautiful face and gentle smile, this young woman is full of determination, natural talent and ambition. When asked which qualities she feels are most important in her job, she replied:

“Patience, without a doubt…A thick skin also helps, and the ability to be self-sufficient”.

Here’s what Aurora had to say about modelling, career success, polo and fashion..

What is the best piece of advice ever given to you?

‘Don’t take things personally’. Although as a teenage model I of course struggled to heed this advice, as I grew older I was able to look at things far more objectively. When it comes to polo, I seem to have been given two pieces of advice which have really resonated with me: don’t think, just do, and to put any missed ball or botched shot behind me.


How do you like to keep yourself fit?

I find riding (both polo and general) to be a great way of keeping fit and toning the core muscles. I also try and go for a long walk every day (at least a mile or two) as I live in the countryside and it is a great, low-impact way of keeping fit, particularly when recovering from any equestrian-related injuries.


Describe your personal style in 3 words

Simple, classic, sophisticated.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

It would have to be Argentina, for the polo season! What could be better than watching some of the best polo in the world, whilst having a warm winter escape and honing your own game.


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Ambitious, focused, passionate.

What is your favourite thing about pampeano?

Every design is finished to such a high quality and with such intricate craftsmanship, particularly in the case of their polo belts. I also love how despite having a growing celebrity following, pampeano have kept their designs functional and accessible, you could definitely play polo in a belt by pampeano (and look good doing it.)


pampeano polo belt 'Tornado'

The Tornado is a contemporary monochromatic version of the original pampeano 'Rio' polo belt design. It features thick, wax-dipped saddlery threads which have been tightly hand-woven into the rich Argentine leather. Perfect for the equestrian, these threads are famously hard-wearing and easy to clean.

pampeano's Aztec diamond patterns are steeped in South American heritage and history, originally supplying polo teams with their team colours.


Favourite pampeano polo belt?

It would have to be the Rio and Tornado style belts. I also have a soft spot for the plain leather belts as I think they simply scream quality and are incredibly versatile.

What would you wear it with?

I would probably go for the typical off-duty model/polo uniform of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and of course the pampeano polo belt, however, I think it would also look incredible cinched in around a colour block shirt dress and wedges whilst stomping divots.



pampeano skinny leather belt 'Nieto'

A black leather belt is by far one of the most important wardrobe staples. pampeano's collection of pure leather options have been hand-crafted from the most butter-soft and supple Argentine leather. The skinny Nieto pampeano belt has a narrow 2.5cm width and is perfectly suited to be worn around the waist to cinch in a dress -perfect for the polo.


What do you look for when buying leather accessories?

I look for high-quality items in a beautiful, supple leather and in deep-toned colours, nothing too ‘in your face’.

Which super power would you most like to have?

That’s a tricky one, the ability to stop time would probably be most useful to me at the moment, however super strength and coordination would also be of great use, I might be able to whack a polo ball further than the boys!

What’s your favourite quote?

‘No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle’ – Winston Churchill

Do you have any tips for aspiring models that you wish you would have known starting out?

Opportunities don’t just fall in your lap. Being signed by an agency is the first step of your career, not the end goal. You will work hard, for what seems like peanuts and you will face a lot of rejection. Take every opportunity that comes to you and don’t be discouraged by rejection. We all have our niche, yes you may struggle to be a catwalk model if you are 5’5 but perhaps you are perfect for the commercial sphere. Also, for every rule, there is always an exception. Finally, if you are looking for a glamorous life and a shed load of money without lifting a finger, don’t become a model. You have to do it for the love of it..


pampeano-polo-model-exclusive-interviewYou can find Aurora on her newly launched polo and lifestyle blog:

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