5 Reasons to Visit Patagonia

With snow-capped mountains to magnificent lakes, Patagonia is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Spanning two countries and bordered by three oceans, the vast region has plenty to offer tourists and locals alike. It’s very sparsely populated, making it a haven for nature lovers worldwide. This guide breaks down five main reasons to visit Patagonia; we hope you get inspired to visit this wonderful region. 


With such large areas of undisturbed land as well as national parkland, naturally Patagonia is home to a wide variety of incredible species of animals. Being so southerly, penguins are a common sight in this region. In fact, the Parque Pinguino Rey on the coast of Chile is home to the only colony of King penguins outside Antarctica. Other common wildlife include Guanacos (which are similar to Llamas), humpback whales, and seals. Big cats are also common, although harder to spot; it’s a real treat to see a puma or a cougar. 

Winter Sports

Patagonia is home to some of the best ski resorts in South America, located all along the iconic Andes mountain range. Also, as it’s in the southern hemisphere, the ski season runs from June to October; making a perfect alternative to the traditional summer holiday. Sports available include skiing, snowboarding, and sledging. For the more daring, ice-climbing is available on the incredible glaciers which the region has to offer. 

See the sights

Tourism is an important industry in Patagonia, and there’s plenty of sights to see in the area. Highlights include: the Marble Caves, formed by thousands of years of freshwater swirling against the calcium carbonate cave walls; the village of Caleta Tortel, a timber village around a river connected by boardwalks and walkways; the Grey Glacier, one of the biggest in the area, accessible by boat or foot; the thermal baths of Termas Puyuhuapi, pools heated by Chile’s hot springs deep in the forest; and the End of the World - wrap up warm for Tierra del Fuego, the closest point to Antarctica.

Outdoor activities

During the summer months Patagonia is a hub for outdoor activities. Enjoy cycling the Carretera Austral, a long road which takes you by luscious forests, vast fjords, and huge volcanoes. Hike across the Andes mountains and its glaciers. The rivers and lakes of Patagonia are famous for fishing; catch a record breaking brown trout. The local gauchos will be happy to take you horse riding along the crests of the mountains giving you breathtaking views - for a price of course. 

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A highlight for many travellers, wherever they visit, is experiencing the local cuisine. Patagonia’s most famous dish is the Cordero al Palo - spit roast lamb cooked over a fire for several hours. Other highlights include Filete de Guanaco - yes, those cute Guanaco’s are also a local speciality. Due to the large population, controlled hunting takes place - that’s if the Patagonian Puma doesn’t get to them first! Chupe de Centolla - King Crab Stew - is also very popular along the coast line. A thick, creamy, cheesy dish, Chupe is a favourite of locals and visitors alike. 

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We hope this post has inspired you to visit the breathtaking region of Patagonia; bon voyage!