10 Facts about Argentina

Have you ever wanted to know more about the amazing country of Argentina? Well look no further, as here we have listed ten of the best facts about Argentina, South America, from facts about culture to history to sports - so read on, and learn something new about one of the most interesting countries on Earth.


1 - They have the highest red meat consumption in the world

With a staggering 41.6 kg of red meat consumed annually per capita, Argentina has the highest red meat consumption in the world. This is largely due to the importance of red meat to Argentine culture, with Asados, a traditional type of Argentine barbeque, being held on many family occasions. Other traditional Argentine food include Empanadas (like Argentine pasties), Alfajores (like honey and nut shortbread), and Dulche De Leche (caramelised milk). The Argentine people certainly know how to eat!


2 - The national drink of Argentina is Mate

Anywhere you go in Argentina you will be able to find its national drink: Mate. Made from an infusion of dried herbs, this caffeinated drink is drunk from a special cup through a straw called a Bombilla. It is a type of herbal tea, and brings people together in the same way that a cup of tea does in the UK, or a cup of joe in the US. Legend has it that the Goddesses of the Moon and the Cloud gave an old man the herb to make a “drink of friendship”, and the rest is history!


3 - Cowboys are called Gauchos in Argentina

In Argentina, rather than the Clint Eastwood style cowboy roaming the plains, their equivalent is the legendary Gaucho. Skilled horsemen, the gaucho herds cattle across the plains of South America, and has inspired folklore and literature throughout the history of the continent. They are brave and independent, and are known for their distinct style, from their woolen ponchos to their handcrafted leather belts and boots - but more on that later.


4 - Argentina contains the highest and lowest points in the Southern Hemisphere

The tallest point is Mount Aconcagua, reaching the dizzying heights of 6,962 metres. The lowest is Laguna del Carbón - translating to lake of coal - sitting 105 metres beneath sea level. Argentina is home to plenty of other breathtaking natural sights, from the Iguazu Falls (the largest waterfall system in the world) to Perito Moreno (a huge glacier in Patagonia).


5 - Some of the best Latin Music comes from Argentina

Folk Music is massive in Argentina, with folk music festivals occurring all over the country, and some of the world’s most successful folk bands hailing from Argentina, including Los Chalchaleros and Los Fronterizos. Jazz is also a major genre in Argentina, due to the multicultural nature of the cities. Some musical genres were formed in Argentina, including Tango. Speaking of Tango…


6 - Argentina is the home of Tango

Tango, both the musical genre and the dance form, began in Argentina. It began in the poor areas of the country in the 19th century, but soon went global, with prestigious Tango competitions beginning all over the world. Tango is still enjoyed by people of all ages all over the country and the world.


7 - The largest known dinosaur was found in Argentina

Argentina is well known in the paleontology community for being a hub of dinosaur fossil activity. In 2005, remains of a Dreadnaughtus were found in Patagonia, Argentina, which was thought to be the biggest dinosaur to ever live, at 26 meters long. Other huge dinosaurs found in Argentina include the Patagotitan mayorum - which may be longer than the Dreadnoughtus at 37.2 meters and the Argentinosaurus, named after the country. Maybe if you go digging in Argentina you might find one for yourself!


8 - Argentina is the home country of some of the most famous people in the world

Some of the most famous people in all fields of work hail from Argentina. From Lionel Messi, the world famous football player, to Eva Perón, the politician and inspiration for the musical Evita, to Che Guevara, the revolutionary, to Olivia Hussey, the famous actress of the 60s and 70s, to even arguably the most famous living person, the pope, Pope Francis.


9 - Polo started in Argentina

A form of polo was brought over to Argentina from India by the British in the 18th century, but it wasn’t formalised or popularised until it hit Argentine shores. Remember the gauchos? Being such skilled horsemen, they took to the new sport like a duck to water, and it soon became the national past time, where it has remained ever since. Of course, these gauchos needed to look the part, which brings us to our last fact.


10 - Argentina has a rich history of leather.

The gauchos herded cattle, which weren’t only used for the meat, which as you remember, the Argentines so love, but also used for the leather. This leather was treated and hand crafted into all sorts of goods, from belts to boots to horse tack to dog leads. All these years later, it’s no different, with the rich history of leather work in Argentina informing the modern artisans who produce luxury leather items today. This is our passion, and our mission. We use the same techniques and love passed down through generations to create luxury pieces worthy of not only the gauchos playing the polo fields but the fashionable people of today. Take a look at our full range here on the website and be inspired by the heritage of Argentina.