How To Grill An Argentine Asado Like a Pro: a step by step guide

What is an Argentine Asado?

The Argentinian-style Asado is internationally known to be one of the best grilling techniques in the world. It consists of slow-grilled or roasted meats and vegetables accompanied by the most delicious sauces such as chimichurri and provencal sauces.

What to grill on the Argentine Asado

For an Argentinian Asado, predominantly grill beef, but include lamb, venison, pork, and fish as well. Key cuts include:

  • Chorizo
  • Morcilla
  • Tira de asado (short ribs)
  • Pork ribs
  • Costillar de asado (full rib section)
  • Vacío (brisket)
  • Matambre (flank steak)
  • Ojo de bife (rib-eye steak)
  • Lomo (sirloin)


Preparing the fire

The key to an Argentine Asado is an epic wood fire, producing quality embers to grill meat and veggies. Start with a pyramid of kindling, using paper or cardboard to ignite. Maintain the fire for consistent heat, especially at the beginning and end of grilling. Wood is preferred for its clean, stable burn and smoky flavour.



Preparing and grilling the meat

Get the grill hot, then pre-salt your meat on both sides. Let the meat reach room temperature before grilling. Lay the meat on the grill and don't move it—let it sear. Cook slowly over medium to low heat, adding coals as needed.


End with provolone cheese

As the meat nears serving time, grill some provolone cheese. Use an iron pan or tin foil to cook it. This popular Argentinian starter is a delicious way to wrap up the grilling session.


Serve and celebrate

Once the meat is cooked, let it rest for at least 3 minutes before serving. Carve up the meat and enjoy the full Argentine experience. Don’t forget the tradition of applauding the “asador” (grill master) to celebrate a job well done!